Histeria about Diesel engines

23 Sep

diesel rig

Today there appears to be , the usual gross over reaction to breaking news. This time it’s the use of diesel engines. This follows the alledged disgraceful secret instalation of software on some VW cars which makes it easier for a vehicle to pass vehicle testing of diesel engined cars in the USA. I shall make my own decision about buying anything from a brand which misleads. Let’s see if other brands have fallen foul of temptation.

In a world of dwindling fossil fuels, it should be remembered that Diesel engines have the lowest specific fuel consumption of any large internal combustion engine employing a single cycle.That is a scientific FACT.

Before we all panic about diesels, we need to evaluate where we need to go with engine design and vehicle design in the future. The last thing we need is an ill-informed knee jerk reaction from  non-technical politicians, boosted by equally unbalanced rubbish from the media.

Vehicles should all be moving to much lighter materials. Three cylinder, low friction, turbo-charged engines with ultra high pressure fuel injection and energy recovery for a starter. In my opinion manufacturers have not even scratched the surface of where we could be with the efficient use of fuel. We shall all have to change our expectations but talk of diesel engined cars immediately becoming worthless??? I don’t think so.

Just saying…..


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