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Laptop back in use at last!

22 Feb


I have been without my Laptop for considerable time. I spilled a glass of whisky on the keyboard and 2 replacements later plus a mod to the motherboard and it’s back in use.
In the absence of NV200 news, here is a picture of the type of kart in which I learned to drive (aged 12 years).
The campervan certainly does not handle like a Kart, you would get much closer to that experience driving a Classic Mini, but with decent tyres and alloys, with the suspension nicely weighted with all the camping and other equipment, Dinkums Kamper handles well. It feels secure in the bends with last second variations in direction not causing drama. It is quite easy to produce wheelspin on wet roads when accelerating from standstill. The 110ps SE engine management certainly kicks out the torque. We shall see how a different brand of tyre performs in this respect next time. More posts to come shortly.

Fuel consumption.Fast and slow.

17 Feb

Spent the Valentine weekend in London.The trip down took place in constant rain and the spray kept our speed down to 55 to 60 mph.We again managed 60 mpg until the roads became truly running with standing water and consumption rose to around 53 mpg.On the return trip, in sunny,dry conditions,we wanted to get home quickly and so for the first time we cruised home effortlessly at 70mph.We achieved around the same 53mpg.It.s good to know what is achievable driving in different fashions.Not particularly scientific comparisons as we were heavily loaded with 5 internal house doors aboard plus a full tank of fuel going down but much lighter on the return.The Sat nav also says that the Speedo reads a little low.Going to check this out

Technical Problem Again

10 Feb

Sorry folks, my laptop has broken again. My cheap tablet is a poor alternative. Should be back posting more regularly shortly