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In time for April fool’s day.

31 Mar

If you think the nv200 is “Bijou”. Check this out

Couple of swivel seats, gas hob and one of those aircraft type inflatable neck braces so you can have a snooze…. cushty!


Possible change to the caravan?

31 Mar

going cockpit s

A bit premature really, but I am a little bored waiting for project to really start properly.
If we find that the current caravan compliments our longer duration breaks away, we may swap the Freedom Microlite for a Going Cockpit. The latter is just 480kg compared to about 580kg for our Microlite. Both have a maximum weight of 750kg. The main reason is to modernise and update our caravan to better match the nv200 campervan. I am trying to establish if we can fit a shower in the Going , which is something I have managed to do in the Microlite. It’s invaluable on sites with no facilities.
We shall try out the existing caravan with the nv200 and then decide what to do.
We cannot praise the Freedom Microlite enough. It really is a “Tardis”, great fun, functional and economical, especially with the Raclet awning.Great for just two people.
(a bit more on this in the post below)

Delivery of the base vehicle is imminent.

31 Mar

nv200 towbar

The “13” registration van is due anytime now. It is then being fitted out with a towbar and electrics so that we can pull our little caravan around. Nissan cab mats are also being fitted. These were recommended by “Daz” and apparently fit very well, totally protecting the cab floor. Once registered we have to transfer our personal plate to the van ( I cannot be bothered to try to do this at registration). The full metal bulkhead has to be removed and then it’s ready to go to the converters. Hopefully the snow drifts are dwindling as I believe the area was badly hit. Will sell the bulkhead, if possible on ebay.Not immediately fitting the alloys as it’s probably better to leave the steel rims on for the duration of the work. The front plastic bumper panel is being sprayed body colour, so just removing any danger of overspray on the alloys. I know it should not happen but one never knows.
There is been some developement on the caravan front. We are in the very early stages of swapping to another little caravan from “Going” as it is much more modern, lighter still (!) than the Microlite LE and looks the part. Lunar are shortly releasing a matching camping trailer for their Vacanza, so it’s not a unique idea to increase space for longer spells away, by any means.Awaiting info from “Going” caravans. I emailed some bizarre queries to them and they probably think that I’m a nutter. More about this later.

Collected the Alloys and tyres today.

28 Mar

17 inch alloy wheel examplehot hatch corner

Due to delay in picking up the van and getting it actually to the converters, we decided to pick up the alloys and tyres from the friendly folk at Hot Hatch Corner in Longton. Chatted with Jamie whilst tyres were fitted and had a quick look at his VW Trident. Gorgeous! The campervan not Jamie ! I can highly recommend them for great value for money deals without the hard sell. You can chat about classic Rallying, cycling, motorhoming and custom car/van styling too.I am sooooooo… pleased with these wheels. 205/40 ZR17 84 WXL extra load tyres fitted for van use. May sell the standard steel wheels and tyres or perhaps keep for everyday winter use. Undecided as yet. Thanks to Paul and Jamie & Staff.

Pete’s van.Some News!

26 Mar

nv200 black modelnv200 black

News from Pete Jones on progress with his project.
My van should be ready for collection at the end of the week- Brand New Metallic Black NV200 N-Tec 110PS 6-Speed but no Air-Con (I love driving with the window open if it’s that warm). I’ve sourced some window glass and will be fitting it myself to the complete left side and the rear doors, the right side will have the units fitted and I can easily add a window in the sliding door at a later time. Ooh.. I’m all excited!!! Pete
Hi Pete, You can even buy a model of your van. 1:43 diecast models are one of my hobbies.Don’t forget to update us on your van and conversion. Dinkum

Lovely things to do in a “dayvan”.

25 Mar

dailymail le tour

The picture shows just a couple of motorhomes alongside the route of the Tour de France. There are literally too many beautiful, interesting places to visit in a dayvan, both in this country and beyond. Not everyone welcomes motorhomes , campervans and dayvans to Le Tour, by the way. see for example.A great sincere blog from someone who cares about his hobby.

What we do in our “dayvans”. Visit the Severn Bore and watch surfers (nutters) risking Lyme disease! Visit castles of Wales, Scotland and England. A few days out there ! Picnic by the rivers and lakes of the Peak and Lake Districts. Follow some Wainwright Walks from your mobile “basecamp”. Cycle the Camel Trail, the Tarka Trail and the North Wales cycle paths. Visit the reservoirs in Wales and the Peak District. Go birdwatching at the marshes and fens.
It’s just endless , and wonderful…………….

Think this one from Ely Boat Chandlery will fit.

24 Mar

elyboatchandler waeco cr-50

This “new” design Waeco is 384mm wide, 536mm high and importantly just 447mm deep. I think it may fit under the gas hob/basin combo. Got to check this with the converters. It has no gas facility which is OK because it sits in front of the offside slidng door so no place to fit a gas flue. So 12v/240v only. A good specification for £485? May as well spend the kid’s inheritance . LOL !
There is an alternative RIR 205 W (LEC) from RV-Fridges which is only 440mm deep but cannot get a price without phoning tomorrow.