Safe driving

23 Sep


On our trips around the country, we often witness some terrible driving. Lots of people still using mobile phones, turning without signalling, children not wearing belts or not in safety seats and so on. Not wanting to preach but there does seem to be a contempt for the highway code. We no longer see many traffic cars with police monitoring. It mostly seems CCTV has taken on that role.

I used to drive around 35,000 miles a year on business As part of a safety drive, I twice achieved Gold standard on the ROSPA advanced driver scheme. It’s all about defensive driving. Putting your vehicle in the safest possible situation, anticipating actions needed ahead and observing what others are doing or what they may do.

I recently added a safe driving app to my phone (from AVIVA) to see if I could get a discount on my insurance. After more than 200 miles of mixed driving they scored me 9.5 out of  10,  the average is 7.7, I believe.  I have front and rear cameras fitted to the campervan and several times we see tailgaters backing off when they spot the rear one. You have to get pretty close to see it !

On a lighter note, here is a funny story (true !) to end with. Whilst attending one ROSPA test, one of our team got into his car with the ex Police assessor and two other members of our staff. He checked the seat position, adjusted his mirrors and in his own time carefully reversed off the car park. Problem was, he had not noticed the short, stumpy concrete bollard behind his car The car mounted the bollard, deforming the floor and trapping a rear seated salesman by his feet which were under the driver’s seat. It did not go down too well………………………….

Next long trip is to the Lake District and onwards to Scotland. Will report as WiFi allows! Drive safe


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