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A Club for NV200 and Evalia

30 Aug  nv200 club

JOSE MANUEL CASTILLA on writes about a Club of around 30 members currently who seem to camp together in NV200s and Evalias and share info on all things relating. It looks like a great idea

Thank goodness for Google translate !

Gracias José. Estamos felices de ser mencionado en y daríamos la bienvenida a compartir información con su Club.

Thanks Jose. We are pleased to be mentioned on and would be pleased to share information with your Club.

The Evalia is known as the NV200 Combi in the U.k.

Another update from Drivelodge.

28 Aug

drivelodge bed one

James at Drivelodge kindly forwarded more pics of work in progress following the holidays.
Looks like we should be comfortable once it’s all upholstered.
Pleased with ” the look” . Cannot wait to sample the “new” smell once the big day arrives! Thanks to all at Drivelodge.

A welcome to all our overseas Guests!

27 Aug

bedford cf somewhere in europe

Willkommen an unsere Gäste aus Deutschland



bienvenue à nos invités venus de France et du Canada

bienvenida a nuestros invitados de España

benvenuto ai nostri ospiti provenienti da Italia

fáilte roimh ár n-aíonna ó Éirinn

welkom op onze gasten uit Nederland

vítejte na naše hosty z czechoslavakia

welkom om ons gaste uit Suid-Afrika

välkommen till våra gäster från Sverige

The photo shows my late parent’s Campervan , somewhere in Europe. My father spoke fluent German, learned late in life ,at college, in respect of his German and Austrian friends. I have tried to welcome our overseas guests to this blog in the same spirit. My apologies if your native language is not shown above or if I have made a mistake. Please feel free to write a comment ! or send photos of your NV200 or related material. Thanks ! photos to

ps. We love VW at Dinkum Kamper blog too ! so welcome all from furgovw

Update: Sorry forgot to mention contributors from Belgium, Australia, Philipines, South America and the U.S.A., New Zealand plus many many more. Welcome !

Some photos of a self built NV200 from “Sygooner”

26 Aug

sygooner nv200 rear seat and table

sygooner nv200 rear seat and tablesygooner nv200 side cupboard self conversionsygooner nv200 self convertedsygooner nv200 bed

From with kind permission of “Sygooner” , some pics of the excellent self built NV200

The raising roof is from Sussex Campervans. I think that the bed looks superb. A well executed classic side cupboard conversion from a near neighbour in Shropshire. (We live on the borders of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire)
I think most people will agree that this is a practical , easy driving and economical modern campervan! Thanks!

A previously cherished Campervan.

24 Aug

bedford cf cab cooperbedford cf austriabedford cf alongside the rhine

This is the Bedford CF 2.3 Diesel Automatic owned in the past by my late parents. Here it is shown alongside the River Rhine and also , I believe, in Austria

This much loved campervan was a pop top conversion with timber cupboards and simple facilities. I rebuilt the engine and it drove beautifully with an auto box. It had been restored with a good quality respray.
After the rebuild , my parents set off for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
In Duren, Germany, a pipe union on the autobox sheared off and they sheltered in bed and breakfast whilst a repair was made. They were there quite some time and made many friends in the bar below their rented room. We later visited a German family in Duren and Willy and his wife made us extremely welcome. Willy had been a prisoner of war in WW II but he spoke almost exclusively of ” being treated well”. he certainly put on a huge celebration feast for us !
The boxer dog in the cab is Cooper, named after Henry Cooper. He would lean into the corners and loved travelling. I think that he modelled himself on the famous racing motorcyclist Randy Mamola in his attempts to remain stable in the curves. Dad never drove at speed, so he would often lean prematurely…………….

As evening approaches, your campervan beckons you back to the campsite.

22 Aug

drivelodge work in progress twosussex campercar interior

Perhaps you have driven a huge distance? Or are you returning to your “pitch” on a favourite campsite? Evening beckons you to relax in the privacy of your home from home

The completed interior is from the Sussex Campercar. Our campervan interior is shown when it was under construction. I think that the Campercar looks very welcoming indeed ! It certainly makes me want to settle down inside with my feet up and a cool refreshing drink. I am absolutely confident that “our” interior will be equally as attractive.
We like to sample local produce wherever we “camp”. In Brittany we found some delicious beers (not just Cidre ! I say Cider !)
In Cheddar gorge we usually buy sweet scrumpy and local cheeses. In and around the Potteries, close to where we live you can buy Oatcakes. These are like pancakes , best eaten hot from the oven, with crispy bacon , cheese or egg. There is huge debate whether Brown Sauce or tomato ketchup is the winning accompaniment. ( Go with Brown sauce…….. trust me !)
Buy some when next passing through the area.

What’s your favourite beverage and supper type snack when camping ?

A much earlier “Bijou” Campervan

20 Aug

fiat campervan amigo

This is an old photo of what I believe is a Fiat Amigo Campervan. Whilst awaitimg the final call to collect the NV200 from Drivelodge, I thought that this would fill a gap.

The Fiat was owned by my wife’s Aunt and Uncle. It was their first camper, bought in the 1960’s (?). It was small to enable them to get to their holiday home in Cornwall and give them a day van for outings to the remoter parts of the very rural South West. Before I met my wife, my family were friends of her Aunt and Uncle and I met the campervan long before I met and married my wife!
I recall some criticism of such a small “van” for “well built folk” but the Fiat was much loved and was used a great deal on 600 mile round trips to and from Cornwall.
I was a petrol head from the age of about 6 years old and I remember being absolutely fascinated by the home from home inside this little Fiat. I think it was air cooled with about 850 cc’s capacity or so ? I have the original sales brochure for it somewhere and will try to post the best bits.
Hope that it has been of interest to you !
Please comment if you can shed any light or memories of your own on these lovely little campervans.

An interesting design from

14 Aug

Hi Stefaan, how about the red/white leather seats from the Vernagallo (below) installed in this design exercise from skipmasta?

I must admit that I love leather upholstery in a vehicle.

Vernagallo convertible, yes convertible NV200

13 Aug

Nissan-Evalia-C-0 isle of capri

see the Vernagello website for many more pictures of this NV200 and other superb, clever and beautiful designs.

Built by Italian coachbuilder Giovanni Vernagallo and approved by Nissan, this “Drophead” has had it’s roof replaced by a removable fabric one. The van/MPV still comes with sliding doors and it can be specified with either five or seven seats.
This MPV is available to order both at Giovanni Vernagallo and at any Nissan dealer in Italy.

Just one of our favourite destinations in Wales

13 Aug

Lake-Vyrnwy-circularDCF 1.0

Firstly, please read the very kind and encouraging comments from Steve.W on the August 9th Posting below. Thanks for that Steve ! Have a great time in South of France

Please find the time to list your favourite destinations, sites and activities or those that you would like to achieve in a campervan, motorhome, caravan or tent. Just put them in comments on any post.

One of our all time favourites is Lake Vyrnwry near Oswestry and Bala in the beautiful country of Wales. We always set out to cycle all around the Lake on the usually quiet and safe circular public roadway. Sometimes we do two runs, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise. It is a great place to visit. Great for picnics , a forestry walk or just a quiet place for a roadside cuppa and a read. Wildlife is prolific. A must if you have never been. keep it secret, though. We don’t want to pack the place out ! It’s quieter on week days and in the off peak seasons.