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NV200 recall information

29 Sep


From our German friends, Apologies for the poor translation.

Because a plastic clip may be missing the locking pin of the brake pedal bolt, Honda and Nissan have to send several models in the workshop. Affected the production period from February to April 2010.
Affected are the 23 series Nissan Pathfinder, Navara and NV200 from the production period 1 February to 1 March 2010. According to Nissan only a few vehicles were delivered to the lack of customers, the other cars were inspected at the factory or the dealer.
The Nissan owners will be informed of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.
In the workshop, it is checked whether the plastic clip on the locking pin of the brake pedal bolt is missing and possibly upgraded. It takes only a few minutes, according to Nissan. Whether it is the lack of safety pin is a part of the same supplier, the two companies could not confirm.

Hope this helps someone.

Adapting to the campervan when it arrives

29 Sep

and the kitchen sink

If you look around on a campsite, you will see that people’s ideas of what camping is all about falls into a HUGE and diverse category. Some folk need all the comforts of home ( and I have seen some who must have very grand homes indeed) and some cope with great fun in a compact tent with not even a stool to sit on. It’s not a question of wealth, in my opinion. We have enjoyed 2 weeks in France with a 2 man tent and blow up mattress (very comfy and an excellent refreshing night’s sleep!) , a couple of fold up bikes, shorts and teeshirts. We have also had use of a 6 berth American RV with all mod cons. Very different holiday styles but enjoyable in different ways.
We now have to adapt to the smallest campervan we have ever owned. Its not really the same as our little caravan, as we have a tiny shower room in that plus we can use the car as a mobile shed for all sorts of stuff to drag along with us. Here are just some of the things that we will have to contend with.

Things to sort out once we have the campervan.

· Where will we store bedding, cooking utensils, food and clothes?
· What changes will we have to make to what we have done before?
· How easy is it to pop up the raising roof then stow it away again?
· Will our smallest fold up camping chairs fit somewhere inobtrusively?
· Can we swivel the cab seats and make up the bed without stepping outside?
· How powerful is the blown air gas heating?
· Can we have a stand up (flannel) wash at the washbasin?
· Is it ergonomical for cooking at the hob?
· Do we need an extra fan for cooking or can we ventilate in other ways?
· Need to fit a smoke alarm, CO alarm and safety deposit box.
· Find a good spot to secure a small tool box.
· Is the bed comfy enough? Do we need a memory foam cover mattress?
· Does the van bounce around when we move about? Stabilisers needed?
· Is the table viable for eating, reading, writing? Good enough for 4 people?
· What have’nt we thought of yet?
· How are the LED lights? (I bet these look great!)
· How long can we survive without Electric Hook Up (EHU) on 12v?
· Is the fridge big enough and what size “stuff” to buy when filling it?
Gordon Bennett
Joanne at Drivelodge gave us some good advice. She said that many buyers of campervans try to fit far too much into a small package. They try to downshift from a larger motorhome but take all the luxuries with them. I agree. We have to adapt to a new way of doing things. I think it’s going to be great fun ! (If a little cluttered at first…………)

Another smart NV200 from our German friends.

28 Sep

sandro nv200

From “Sandro” at comes another alternative look for the NV200.

Thanks to all those commenting below ! Please see the information on swivel seats below if you are thinking of a DIY fitment. It could save a bit of time?

Passenger swivel. Something to watch for.

28 Sep

marchington one (350x248)
KDR seat rails for for and aft adjustment

In the 1970’s . I used to Rally the Mini Clubman you see above. The car doubled as my road car and my weekend road and stage event competition car. The version seen here was the third re-shelled version. To make it almost bearable for road use, I had to make the passenger seat adjustable for fore and aft. I fitted slide rails to the Corbeau Rally seat so that my wife could sit alongside me, but my co-driver (please get in touch (“SOGGY”)) preferred to sit well back from the roll cage. He was Brilliant by the way and for the record. Thanks Steve ! Anyway, when I bolted the rails up solid, the whole thing just locked up and would not slide. I performed more key hole surgery as this car was a devil to work on. the rails had to be parallel, level with each other and running true together as a pair, to a close tolerance. The much battered floor was anything but perfect and so spacers were made from tubular steel and the whole set up with shims, spacers and washers (HT Bolts essential of course). It took a few trial runs to get it all to run smoothly without sticking.
Apparently with the NV200 I bought, which had no slides, the seat base is less than perfect and Drivelodge had to perform similar shimming operations to get it to function as well as the driver’s set up. Be prepared if fitting DIY swivels. The good bit is, no the superb bit is that we now have twin swivel seats in our camper ! YES!

An awning, an awning, my kingdom for an awning !

27 Sep

windout awning

We could not have collected the campervan this week or this weekend due to family and business commitments.
Next week, at least for the first few days, we are again very busy finishing off a building project. (It’s what we do !)
The Drivelodge Nevada is complete and parked up securely away from dust and other risk. But, the awning is not fitted. To suit the van aesthetically, it needs to be 1.92 metres (I think that was the dimension?) which is shorter than the common windouts available for VW variants. The chase is on to get the correct awning and stainless steel brackets ready for when we can drag ourselves off the building site and make the journey to Keighley.
The longer awnings just did not look “right” and would not be acceptable. It is not actually delaying things unless we complete our own work first.
One thing’s for certain. If you want an all new design on an uncommon base vehicle then be ready for a few delays. Which we are, we were and we do accept that delay is inevitable.
We have had windout awnings before and consider them an essential (for us) on such a small campervan especially. You want an easy to operate (one man operation) and speedy set up and close up for a quick getaway or to put safe from high winds etc.

All will be revealed

24 Sep


The upholstery is back with Drivelodge. The template for the cab curtain arrived on Monday following a postcode issue. The final touches are being put to our campervan.
My wife is busying herself to complete the cab curtain ready to collect the factory fresh conversion.
Completion has come at one of the busiest times in our business life! We are struggling to find the time to pick up the “Nevada” , Dinkum’s Kamper, even after such an extended wait.
BUT, we are just days away now from revealing much more about the Nissan campervan. Looking forward to getting some photos taken and a video tour of the facilities. Then it’s a trial night out, a picnic with our guests , Kate and Paul, then the real adventures begin. there will be minor additions and mods to do, I am sure, but at least we will be able to start enjoying all the work carried out at Drivelodge.
Watch this space.

In response to Martin’s comments below.

22 Sep

scotland culut com

Hi Martin,
Once we sneak our NV200 past your Berlingo at Drivelodge we may be heading your way ! I have found the diary detailing a comprehensive tour of Scotland made in the early ’80’s by my wife’s uncle and aunt in their motorhome.
It lists the campsites where they stayed and the things they saw and visited. It will be interesting to compare things over three decades on. They left a lot of detailed information, so a nostalgic re-run could be in order.
Will make sure that midge season is well and truly over as my wife has been hospitalised in a handful of countries abroad due to an allergy with insect bites……….But we can get around this I am sure

Beautiful Scotland shown above

Could not resist posting this photo

21 Sep

evalia  kaskus

Found this modded Evalia on and just loved the look. This one is not mine. I am still waiting for the upholstery to be completed and the cab curtain template to arrive.
Ours has been seen by Martin when he dropped off his Berlingo for conversion at Drivelodge. His comments are below and under the Red Bull racing post next down.

Red Bull Racing NV200

20 Sep

nv200 for red bullnissan-evalia-redbull-logistics-photo-1_640x480

Some Friday Trivia and a bit of old news, although I was not aware until today. For the 2012 F1 season, Milton Keynes based Red Bull racing took delivery of a Nissan NV200.

Makes you feel as if you are in good company doesn’t it?!!!!

I wonder how they went on with it? Anyone from Red Bull Racing reading this? Care to comment?

What makes a Supervan?

18 Sep

ford transit super van one

This early Ford Transit was produced with a very powerful engine and special suspension and tyres for a good handling and fast machine.
Being old and crumbly, myself, I can actually remember as teenage petrolheads discussing this very same van in the school playground over a copy of Motorsport or Motor. Some asked “Why?” ,”Who wants a Supervan?”
Some of us, like myself, thought that this was an innovation, bringing brand interest to it’s commercial market. The start of white van man era???? I for one, being a keen Kart driver, wanted, with a passion, to drive it
You can still buy an uprated Ford Transit for your plumbing or building business.(If you can afford the insurance) But the interest in unusual and modified vans is still very much alive and kicking!
With fuel so expensive, I think that differentiating your own van from the herd can now be a little different than just a bigger engine and 0-60 time.
What makes your van (of any manufacturer) a Supervan?
STOP PRESS. Have a look at Stefaan’s comment below ! WOW