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Airride Kits for NV200 available

27 Jul

airide load support kitairide limo kit for nv200

Load kit shown in first picture above. The Limo kit is shown below it.

There are now two air suspension kits available for NV200. A Limo comfort kit with total air suspension and an air support kit for camper van conversions or highly loaded vans.
Both are from Airide. The Limo kit is priced on applicataion and the support kit is £495
Both systems use car tyre type inflation valves and an on vehicle pump can be used. The vehicle ride height can be adjusted (even in motion with one type of pump according to the Airide website)
My assumption is that a campervan can be levelled on-site whilst camping. At least fore and aft. Got to be worth a close look?

Dinkum’s Kamper : The Drivelodge Nevada

21 Jul


We are now returned from an eventful 100th Tour de France. Congratulations to Chris Froome ! Mark Cavendish did not shame himself either. Two of life’s achievers.
Drivelodge should be in the final phases of completing the conversion. We already have a few ideas for more mods* which we want to carry out following it’s collection.
Named and Badged “Nevada”, here are some reasons why.
The name reflects “N” and “V” of course. The Guardian recently described Nevada as “hauntingly beautiful and the “Nevada” in Sierra Nevada comes from the Spanish referring to Snow Clad. Our camper will of course be snow white in colour.
In nearby Death Valley, the kangaroo rat can live for very long periods without drinking water. The NV200 should be able to achieve in excess of 53 miles per gallon of Diesel.

* We will try to fit a small, say 30 litre grey water waste tank for use on car parks or in environmentally sensitive areas.
Also need smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm(s) of course.

More on all this later.

Hi from France.

13 Jul


Watched the Tour de France in Brittany and Normandy. Just superb ! Tried to access the stage for the first time with the caravan behind the car but along with 100’s of others we got turned back at Fougeres when the roads were closed very very early. When using the sat nav I will now remember to always exclude unpaved roads when using the short route option………… We got sent down several miles of farm track with nowhere to turn around so we kept going. I still believe that the best way to see the Tour is from a motorhome or campervan. Next year for sure !
Using the free WiFi at our hot and sunny campsite to update the Blog. Must try to get back to NV200 stuff as soon as possible. Should be about 2 weeks or so until I can show a full photo and video tour of the new Drivelodge Nevada.

Attempting to use a caravan as a Motorhome ? Another holiday

4 Jul

holidaysDCFC0039.JPGcollecting the van

We are off to France to watch the Tour de France in Brittany, the Loire and then down towards Lyon. So updates on progress with the conversion will be sparse depending upon Wi-Fi connections in rural France.
Hoping that James will send some photos from Drivelodge if busy schedule allows. Thanks james !
In the past we have simply parked up the motorhome at the side of the stage and watched from there. It is very convenient to have all facilities with you. Your own toilet, washbasin, cold drinks on hand and somewhere to stack all the goodies thrown from the promotional Tour “Caravane” ! ( Everything from Haribo sweets , little bags of ground coffee, Sunhats and mini Chorizo )
This year, the campervan is not ready and so the trusty Freedom Microlite is hanging off the back of the Fiesta. We are going to get to the stages even earlier than usual and look for roadside parking for the outfit. The car and caravan is about 9 metres long overall but somehow feels more difficult to park up than a large motorhome? I think the key is allowing time to run along the stage route before the crazy bike cops close the roads. ( we once saw a French bike cop riding with BOTH hands on the panniers of his moto , doing about 60mph in his short sleeved shirt down a long straight D road. Could not get the camera in time to record it though.)
The camper van should almost be complete , apart from refitting the alloy wheels, when we return

The van is handed over to the converters.

2 Jul

50 mph speed limit

We took the NV up to Keighley today and got the average fuel consumption overall, from manufacture to now (less than 170 miles) up from just over 40 mpg to 50 mpg. For an engine not yet run in and including a lot of loading on and off ships and lorries, I think that this figure is very respectable.
The two sets of keys were left in the capable hands of James and David at Drivelodge. As we left for the Raiway station, the NV was going undercover for work to start. We enjoyed another quick tour of the work in progress which was as impressive as before.
Some more news. The campervan will be badged as Drivelodge , Nevada. Our choice of name changed to be more respectable and dignified
The only other graphics will be the simple black stripes , extending the line of the sliding door runners into the door creases themselves.
Hoping to post photos of the conversion progress as we go on, but an imminent trip to the Tour de France will delay things once more. But, as my Gran used to say, ” good things come to those who wait !”

We are getting over 150 hits per day on our blog , by the way, with best ever of 226 visits in one 24 hour period. Nissan NV200 rules OK !