Archive | March, 2020

A little Bonus from an interim service

10 Mar

Recently had an intermittent fault from one glow plug. My OBD2 scanner showed a Circuit A fault which cam and went with sometimes 100s of miles in between the red engine warning light coming on. I booked it in , in conjunction with an interime service which was due. All sorted, I had all four glow plugs changed to new Bosch ones.

The Bonus was : disconnecting the engine battery reset the Propex gas heater which had also been playing up and now it’s working fine . Super !

What about an electric base to your campervan

9 Mar

Although the range, even with the bigger battery on later vans, is somewhat limited and that overall capacity of 701kg would need to be watched, I think that as a base vehicle this has great potential. Please comment below. All are welcome.