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All Shipshape and Bristol Fashion for Spring

14 Feb
River Loire 2018.

With the new replacement Alloys fitted with decent tyres. All serviced with oil and filters changed. Brakes checked and adjusted. New timing belt , water pump and drive cogs. The Kampa is fit for purpose. The NC500 beckons in May with a shake down visit to Anglesey any time now. Then another French trip and the ” usual” Cornish adventure (s) dialled in. Bring it on. I’m ready right now.

Late Winter Lunching

8 Feb
The Griffin Inn, Oswestry.

Drove out to Oswestry to visit Cambrian Antiques. Got directed to The Griffin Inn by a competitor Pub ! What a Gem ! A cold day and on cold days , boy can I munch. I ordered what I thought was a chicken burger. It was a ” Griffin” burger. A 6oz beef burger, cheese, bacon and TWO beer battered chicken fillets with chips and onion rings. Words cannt describe this “fat bloke’s” delight ! My wife’s pasta dish was just as good !

Traditional olde English/Welsh Pub with delightful Irish lady behind the bar !

We went on to visit Cambrian Antiques, then Acorn Antiques and Bryn Y Grog Hall at Wrexham. The Kampa ? Oh yes, running beautifully at 72,000 miles and going for a service next week. It’s also a little Gem. Big plans again this year ! see you soon?

Changing Times

6 Feb