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A bit of movement in the NV200 camper van market

30 Aug


Fellow Drivelodge owners, Martin and Libby have sent in a couple of pics of a Lunar Vacanza seen today at Loch Lomond. In response here is a pic of Dinkum’s Kamper at the Lakeside in the Goyt Valley in the peak district above Buxton. I am having problems downloading and saving pictures attached to emails at present.So cannot publish their pics at the moment.This new laptop ( yes……. another one!) runs windows 8 and has a mind of it’s own. 
I am awaiting reports from a Blog reader who has recently bought a Vacanza at a super discounted price. Looking forward to getting some feedback on actually owning and using one.
In the meantime here is a pretty decent buy if you are in the market for an NV200 based campervan I have no connection with the sellers, at all, so buyer beware, but it does look to be nicely done conversion and the price is not too shabby either.

Tour of Britain cycle race. Next event trip in the Kamper.

25 Aug

stage 6 2013 tour of britain

From 7th to 14th September, this year’s Tour of Britain follows a great route starting in Liverpool. Our relatives in Sefton Park will have a spectacularly good ring side seat so we shall visit them as a starting point. We have not completely sorted out our complete route yet but would like to see the Great Orme stage at Llandudno and possible link another visit to London with the stage passing through Horsham later in the week. We could get to finally see Sussex Campervans at the same time. Daniel has some great new models to look at.Would do this event “solo” with no caravan to hinder our way. More on this as the plan developes.
see for much more info and sorry this bits a cut and paste. Goodness knows why………..

ps Would Simon Williams please make a comment below so that the Blog allows me to email you with direct contact details. Sorry for the delay. We would LOVE to see your Pics! (system error prevented previously)




mark cavendish

A trip to London, then Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire

21 Aug

cutty sark

Back to the Blog. Recently returned from a 5 day trip to London.Visited the Cutty Sark at Greenwich on a showery Sunday. A lovely museum Ship , now restored after the horrendous fire. I have been drinking tea ever since the visit. It is a great advert for Britain’s favourite beverage!

nv200 taxi near westminster

This picture shows an NV200 taxi near Westminster. We drove down effortlessly via Earls Court and Battersea Bridge, crossing the Thames at about 3.30pm with little congestion. We did however get “road raged” by a very large gentleman in an equally large 4 x 4. He was in a big hurry on the South Circular Road and overtook on a right hand junction, horn blarring and obviously angry over very little. He actually stopped and blocked the road for a moment.
Takes all sorts………. In my experience, NOT typical for a London visit.

cat wallpaper stripping

On a much lighter note, we spent almost 3 days stripping wallpaper from a bedroom wall at my daughter’s and son in law’s house. Did not have a cat to help us, but this picture is cute. Managed to get one coat of paint on the walls and ceiling and we left with it looking sharp and clean, ready for the grandaughter’s forthcoming arrival.

meantime brewery

Had a super barbeque with all our close family on Saturday (wonderful!) then before closely inspecting the Cutty Sark (above) we had a scrumptious lunch at the Meantime Cafe and Brewery very close by in Greenwich. My Son is a budding prefessional brewer and he and his beautiful American girlfriend ordered a “flight” of beers to taste. All four beers were special. Highly recommended for both food and drink. But how do these kids stay so slim????
Altogether a super trip. Helped out the kids a little and got to enjoy the Kamper for another four or five hundred miles again. It swallowed birthday presents, loads of shopping, tools and textiles with ease. Love it !


After such a busy long weekend and a morning looking around a cottage for restoration (it’s a non starter, sadly) we headed off to Little Moreton Hall with our dear friends, Stoddy and Bubbles. A relaxing and fun day out (not in the Kamper…….. what horror!). We rejoined the National Trust and the fine gentleman who took my money asked if Stoddy and I were a male couple.My wife found this incredibly funny but then she can be a bit “non-PC”. A lovely late lunch and a Tudor afternoon with Baldrick jokes (see Rowan Atkinson “Black Adder”). Well the talented Tony Robinson made them seem extremely funny! Another great place to visit.

Advert for Our Student Flat (SORRY IT’S NOW LET)

13 Aug


suit KEELE UNIVERSITY student or North Staffordshire University (Stoke site). Our just refurbished first floor flat is now available to rent. We will shortly be re-affirmed as Accredited Landlord by Stoke-on-Trent City Council on behalf of Keele University. Gas and Electric Landlord Safety Certificates are just completed and current EPC is available.More info below:



As you enter via the new UPVC front door at the top of the external stairs, you step into the kitchen/sitting room. This room has a brand new , economical, gas wall heater. New electric stove and hob with externally vented extracter fan. A plumbed-in washing machine is included as is the upright fridge/freezer


A passageway door leads past the airing cupboard and immersion heater into the bedroom, which has a freshly tiled ensuite shower, washbasin and new wc.DCFC0024.JPGDCFC0014.JPG

The bedroom will be fully equipped to the requirements laid down by KEELE University accomodation dept. The bedroom has a second wall mounted and flued gas heater.The flat is cheap to keep warm benefiting from undefloor heat from the beauty salon below. The floors are soundproofed.Furnishing is flexible to suit the individual student tenant.


The shower room ensuite has a large ceramic shower tray, electric shower unit and has just been refurbished in keeping with the refurbished flat in it’s entirety. A large extractor fan keeps the shower room ventilated.DCFC0016.JPGDCFC0015.JPGDCFC0017.JPG

This is for a single tenant only. You will have to clearly show that you are a legal student. The location is Dresden, Stoke-on-Trent. YOUR OWN TRANSPORT IS ESSENTIAL. Although only 8 miles from Keele University, the bus service is poor.£315 per calendar month and one month’s rent deposit required. Plus electricity and gas. Council tax is zero for students.Contact by leaving a comment under this posting , stating your surname. I shall reply on Monday 18th August by email which I will pick up when you comment. The area is safe. All shops and supermarkets nearby. Pubs and takeaways nearby including award winning restaurant.

Gas and electricity together costs about £1 per day in cold winter weather, less if you wear a wooly jumper?

Loton Park Hillclimb Saturday 9th August 2014

10 Aug


A friend and I visited Loton Park Hillclimb at Alberbury on the B4393 Shrewsbury to Welshpool road. Our “Local” hillclimb venue.There were TVRs aplenty. A rally car section plus some classics , single seaters and misc other ” lovely bits of kit !”
The event was won by the chief instructor at Loton in an extremely well driven MK II Escort rally car. My favourite was a short wheel base Audi Quattro Rally car. It reminded me of another of my loves: Michelle Mouton !
A zcars 240bhp Honda R type engined Mini. Once the married couple sort the handling it should get quicker and quicker. Please loan it to me for a thrash round……..
A nicely turned out Vauxhall Corsa engined classic Mini clubman. There was also a neatly driven Peugeot 106. Well done lads!DCFC0042.JPG
A spin at Triangle
Porsche 914 in the procession back to paddock
had a lovely lunch in Dinkum’s Kamper with a small glass of wine. Altogether a much better experience than our poor visit to Prescott Hill Climb.To be frank, I am still a little annoyed with the treatment as paying spectators,we recieved from a few individuals from the Bugatti Owners Club. Faciilities for spectators seemed far better at Loton Park for camper vans, caravans and motorhomes particularly. The tracks were much much better , being stoned and not mainly grass. Yet the reviews at Prescott do seem very strong

A Ford Anglia returns to a friendly paddock. An MGB roadster was having the cylinder head refurbed between runs.Most memorable runs on the day for me? : Watching lots of TVRs having flats put on their front tyres braking for triangle. That Mk II Escort. An aggressively driven Davrian….. oh yes ! A well handled MGA and a lovely Austin Healey 100. Yet another superb day out in the camper van. Staying overnight next time !

NV200 camper van hire

10 Aug

nv200 camper van hire

Had a request for NV200 camper van hire in UK or Holland. The only one I know of to contact can be seen at but this is in Spain. I saw one of these in the Cotswolds fairly recently. My son in law did investigate hiring one and I believe that they can be available around London. Does any one know of any competitors apart from the usual VW hire companies? I await more info for UK Hiring from my son in law

Planning for Scotland this Autumn

8 Aug


Although I have been up to Scotland on business many times and managed to visit some of the Tourist traps such as Fort William, Aviemore and Loch Lomond, my wife and I have never visited for a proper holiday. That is in a campervan.
In the 1980’s a very dear Uncle and Aunt did a couple of lengthy tours in their campervan, One tour lasted 20 nights. They returned laden with local produce including a significant amount of Scotch whiskies. The dear old feller left around 70 bottles to his favourite nephew. Sadly not myself. Apart from material gifts on their passing, they left a diary of their Scottish tours. As close as is possible we intend to follow their routes, staying at the same sites wherever possible, or as close as to the locations as we can.
Now, my wife suffers from medical intolerance to insect bites and has been hospitalised in New York (spider) and has had emergency treatment in France, Germany and Spain. So…… you guessed it, we intend to avoid contact with the famous Midge.

midge no seeum
I have never come into contact myself with midges in Scotland at all. My brother did , however, when he researched moving up to the West Coast before settling on…….. central France ! Not the midges but an opportunity taken , I hasten to add. So it’s likely to be October and stick initially to the East or even later, November.
Should be publishing much more of the planned route and some limited photos from the Uncle and Aunt’s tour.

scottish referendum
Without getting too political, we will know by then the decision of the referendum. I never thought that I would witness the break up of the United Kingdom. I personally hope that we can stay United and find a way forward.

Another Dinkum’s favourite place to visit

2 Aug

hope bowdler

A day trip today again took us to lovely Church Stretton in Shropshire.It is a focal point for ramblers who walk the Wenlock Edge. Highly recommended. Good parking, cafes , shops and a super Co-Op.
Due to major delays on the way there ,seen on the A5 at Shrewsbury we returned via Much Wenlock in beautiful sunshine after a rainy day.
The B4371 takes you via lovely traditional English villages including Hope Bowdler (above) through Wall under Heywood and Longville in the Dale.

longville station
Many ramblers walk from Clee Hill to Longville
st peters wenlock edge
The scenery is truly stunning. Country pubs are easy to find for that leisurely lunch. St Peters at Rushbury, nestles at the foot of Wenlock Edge. It represents typical village scenes in the locality.
Caravan sites can be found along the B4371 including Caravan Club Certified Locations, privately run sites and Caravan and Camping Club Certified Locations. Details can be found and reviews can be read on
More information about the area can be found at We once stayed at Much Wenlock Caravan Club site which sits on Wenlock Edge itself, along almost the top of the ridge. At the time we used our Talbot Excalibur coach built and towed a little Suzuki Alto. This was long before towing a car became popular and it caused a lot of interest at the time !