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27 Feb

smev gas hob and basinpropex heatergaslow 6kg refillable cylinder

Alloy Wheels Ordered

27 Feb
Ordered 4 x 205/40 x 17 inch alloys in gloss silver.Similar to these lovely FOX alloys. Nissan inserts.

Ordered 4 x 205/40 x 17 inch alloys in gloss silver.Similar to these lovely FOX alloys. Nissan inserts.


Discussing our Plan with the converters.

26 Feb

Discussing out Plan with the converters.

After producing a scale drawing and making scale plan views of gas and water bottles, gas blown air heater and leisure battery , then arranging them in place , avoiding wheelarches , cupboard sides and so on, we visited the converters! The meeting could not have gone better. We were quickly shown a van under conversion which had the type of wood furniture we wanted, the exact hob/basin combo we had picked and super quality work. The van featured almost all the bits and pieces we desired in all the right places. Experience and capability were strongly in evidence. We now await the guide price.


The Raising Roof from Drivelodge

17 Feb

The Raising Roof from Drivelodge

The roof will provide valuable headroom for cooking, washing and dressing. It will also help provide a feeling of space in the vehicle. There is no bed in the roof, so the camper will be purely 2 berth.

Choosing the base vehicle from Nissan

16 Feb

We wanted a safe vehicle, relaxing to drive and comfortable and economical for trips abroad. We chose the latest Nissan nv200 N-Tec 110, with Euro 5 spec engine and lots of luxury extras. Ordered it today for delivery estimated before April 2013.It’s got from the factory:
Airbag safety pack. Air Con to the cab. Cruise control. Sat Nav and reversing camera. Glass to rear doors with wash wipe. It weighs 2000kg has 110 bhp and 240Nm torque. A 6 speed box is fitted and should achieve 53 mpg on combined cycle.
It is small enough to use as an ordinary car, has 4 seat belts and super tight steering circle for accessing our car parking spot. We have chosen a white van which will have black security glass which should look cool. We have located a swivel seat mechanism for the passenger side which we think is essential for such a compact package. It is TUV approved but expensive. Also investigating a swivel seat manufacturer which is based locally. Just found out that it should be capable of 58 mpg extra urban so I am now challenged to try to achieve 60 mpg. We used to manage 38 mpg on a Ducato 2.3 TD which weighed in half as much again at 3000kg and this was beating later model Fiats which were supposed to be a claimed 20% more fuel efficient. Therefore pretty confident in my economic driving style!