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The Caravan Club’s annual Motor Caravan Design and Drive Competition.

29 May

sussex campervans campercar roof up

In the class 1 van conversion category the Sussex Campervan’s CampingCar PT , based on the nv200 came in a very respectable 4th overall position. This does not really do it justice as the winner, Bilbo’s Komba SE35 ( a super camper van in it’s own right) costs a whopping 26% more at £37,925
The CamperCar PT pipped the next nv200 based camper van , the Lunar Vacanza into 5th place.
This is a very supportive vote for the Nissan nv200 as an up to date, modern camper van, with two versions in the top five of this respected competition. Both converted in the UK.
I believe that the more traditional layout of Sussex Campervan’s version played a big part in it’s success.
Congratulations to Daniel at Sussex Campervans.


Sunday trading. nv200 Bulkhead with window

26 May


Here is a preview (before they go onto ebay for sale) of the original bulkhead recently removed from the 2013 nv200 SE 110 dci at about 50 miles. It is in two parts, upper panel with window and lower skirt which sits behind and beneath the rear of the cab seats.All the fittings are available apart from the two “breakoff” bolts which were drilled out to remove. There are also two “filler” panels which sit high up on the sides of the rear cab and meet up with the roof. Although never used for any commercial use and having only delivery mileage, there are a couple of very small scuff marks but they are not noticeable and I will try to polish them out. The complete bulkhead will go onto ebay for best offer. If you are keen to buy it you can email me on the admin address at Give your approximate location and I will let you know delivery cost (if any).

I done a baad thing………………

25 May


I had to move the En Vee to a neighbour’s driveway today as masonry painters were next door. After about an hour I got a telephone call from them saying that they had noticed that I had fitted the directional tyres the WRONG WAY round. Now they are 20 years older than me and I am no spring chicken. For a qualified Engineer I should be really ashamed of myself. I confess that I really do need the imminent short holiday!
This from the AA see

Directional tyres

Directional tyres usually have a chevron or arrow pattern in the tread and are designed to work in only one direction of rotation.

Directional tyres disperse water that builds up in front of the tyre more effectively, reduce road noise, and improve directional stability.

They must rotate in the right direction and this will be clearly marked on the sidewall of the tyre.

If a directional tyre is fitted the wrong way round, the tyre won’t be dangerous, but you won’t gain any of the benefits of it’s design.

Incorrect fitting of both asymmetric and directional tyres is a reason for MOT failure.

Some high performance cars are fitted with directional and asymmetric tyres. These must be fitted the right way round on the wheel and on the correct side of the vehicle.
Swapping back to the steel rims and standard tyres very shortly and I will get it right when the Alloys are refitted. Stress is such a costly thing………………
Cannot believe that I did this !Still, the handling can only get better !

(25 April 2012)

Bank Holiday Weekend Survey

24 May

top ten camper van features

Please list in comments or email to the address below your TOP TEN features which you would choose to have on your Camper van

You can include equipment for your habitation area, such as gas blown air heating, electric hookup, solar panel, outdoor shower, water heater and so.
But you can also list features for your base vehicle too. How about air con? Auto transmission? Must it have a Mercedes, Vee Dub or Nissan badge?
A must have awning? Toilet tent? Self levelling jack system ?
Please be as adventurous as you like. Humorous (but publishable please……. ) suggestions welcomed.
So, what “stuff” do you want , need or demand on your Camper?


Putting together a forum for your own topics

23 May

collecting the vanthe forum

Firstly , welcome David to Dinkums Kamper ! Thanks for your comments and those from Stefaan

We are trying to put together a system on the Blog where you can raise your own topics, share information and discuss all things ( vaguely !) related to Nissan nv200 and nv200 camper vans. Self builders, customisers and tuners. All interested parties welcomed !
This may take a little time but keep visting. We like your suggestion David. Some techy stuff to sort out……

NV200 Taxi

22 May

london cab nv200

The nv200 London Black Cab apparently has a fixed side step for access but have a look at this You Tube video of the New York City version. It has a side step which operates with the sliding door as it opens and closes. Perfect for a camper van? I wonder where you can buy these type of retracting steps?

Customised nv200. What have you done to your van?

20 May

foxhey com nv200custom car elemental motorsportsDCFC0011.JPG

NYC Photo thanks to Custom Car and Elemental Motorsports. It shows a heavily modded New York Taxi. I believe that they are 2 litre Petrol engined, by the way.

Whose stunning bodykitted, White nv200 is this, above from Is it yours? Please give details of the work done. I really like this one. COOL……………….

Ok, Dinkum Kamper above is only very mildly “tweaked” on it’s way to becoming a camper van, BUT we would like to see what you have done to your van and would like to publish your photos on this Blog. There are loads of Vee Dubs modded, painted and chopped. What about the En Vees out there?
You can send your pics for consideration for publishing on here by emailing to

Thanks, don’t be shy……….