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Swap your fridge door calendar

31 Dec

happy new year 2014

Here’s to a happy new year’s “vanning”. I usually keep a couple of cold beers in the campervan fridge, a bottle of decent red wine and (especially in winter) a bottle of whisky for those dark evenings with a DVD. Whatever your favourite tipple please join me at some point tonight and toast “absent friends!”. It covers a great deal of scenarios. Cheers !

The Ale-House Door (painting of c.1790 by Henry Singleton) For the beer drinkers

the ale house door henry singleton 1790DCFC0003.JPG
Plenty of headroom to stand for a midnight toast.LOL


30 Dec


With the start of Hogmanay just a few hours away. Got to wish our Scottish cousins, friends and neighbours all the best ! Remember my first name is from Scottish origin and I am proud of the good Scottish Doctor who was my namesake !
Best wishes especially to the McDowalls, fellow small campervan owners. Let us hope that you get your upholstery soon and the leak fixed. Shockingly , we have not as yet tried out our van with the roof up in the rain. As a precaution I have ordered a litre of Yacht canvas waterproofer for the stitching in particular on our own raising roof. Belt and braces seem to be in order. Best done now before we get a good storm on it?

storm clouds over yacht

Production of an Icon Ceases on the 31st December

29 Dec

Brazilian vw type 2 kombi

In just two days time, manufacture of the Iconic VW Type 2 will cease in Brazil. Apparently new safety regulations in Brazil has finally struck the death knoll of this much loved and memorable vehicle. No doubt some VW lovers may never have taken to the Brazilian version but I am sure that all “vanners” deeply regret this “Game Over” scenario. We all have our own memories of the Microbus. Mine date back to the early 1960s. The VW always seemed to be more charismatic than the Bedford Dormobile (which I also loved). The VW type 2 was introduced in 1950.
I understand that Danbury have secured a stock for their own conversions (?) but not sure if you can place a new order.
A sad day in my opinion. RIP Microbus. keep on vanning and cherish your Vee Dub ! ( And remember, too, an NV200 is not just for Christmas. I love mine already !)

You can leave your own memory or tribute to the Microbus in comments below

2014 : The open road ahead

28 Dec

bol dor 019

At this time of year, I always look forward to the “clean sheet of paper” and the open road awaiting ahead. The picture shows one such image of the open road.(Plus a rare “selfie” of me, in the mirror, wearing skid lid) This one was taken in France, not far from the Chatauneuf-du-Pape vineyards. No, I was not riding at the time. I was parked at the roadside. If you enlarge the photo you will see a warning to self to ride on the right. We were doing huge daily mileages and tiredness easily confuses. This is dangerous at the best of times but fatal on a powerful motorcycle.
As a teaser, coming soon, the story of this eventful motorbike ride will be published via the web.Warm up your kindle! I shall notify it’s publishing closer to the time. I hope that regular followers to this blog will enjoy this new venture (pun intended for motorhome fans!) and some of the other books from Dinkum, about to be published!
There is a factual tale of renovation of derelict cottages in the midst of the credit crunch and how there is money to be made if you have the energy. An accompanying dramatization based on the actual, researched and documented history of the multitude of cottage dwellers and their lives going way back to 1882. A bit like Downton “Cottage”, LOL
There is another biker book too. (What…… more ?) A hopefully funny tale , based on real events of the early 1970’s.This is the coming of age story of a group of misfits. The accidents they had (none serious, I hasten to add) but most of all the shear FUN of growing up and the joy of life.
nupe dot com typewriter
see website Need to get busy!

Response to comments immediately below

24 Dec

First, thanks for the comments below from Daz and Phillipe ,welcome back !Glad you like the Kamper, Daz ! Your link is fascinating Phillipe !
Hoping that Rolfe will give more feedback on the Nevada after he picks up his new tyres in day or so.

The map shows the Tour proposed by Nano from (please visit the website)
I have codged together a rough translation of the Tour in brief.
“As many others have done (before), this year we’re going down to spend New Year’s Eve in the desert (that’s the plan), initially from 25/12 to 06/01, but these dates would be minimal … trying to get 31/12 at Merzugoa overnight for New Year’s Eve (and a classic) we have never done (previously)

The route we had planned was circular down inside and go up the coast(al) classic, (with guidance) from you who have made Morocco a thousand times …

Needless to say that all, he or she who wants to join the route or for part of it, will be well received.”

Gracias a Nano. Pido disculpas por la mala traducción de Español. Buena suerte con su gira de inspiración!
Warmest regards on Christmas Eve, Dinkum

Safe journey, Daz on your forthcoming NV200 French run. Over 2,500km+ to Massif Central and the French Alps. Have a great trip !

Christmas Dinner in your home on wheels.

22 Dec


The photo shows an empty table, anticipating a celebratory Dinner ,perhaps? A recent thread on my favourite campsite forum has a surprising large number of people who each year ate Christmas Dinner in their motorhome. Some were in the warm comfort of Spain, others at various locations throughout the UK. Many prepared a full Turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings in advance and microwaves were much in evidence. One thing was certain, they all enjoyed a great experience. We cannot test this out this year but it’s a tempting challenge and fun just trying to choose the best location. Any suggestions for your favourite place for a seasonal feast and celebration ? Previous contributors particularly welcomed !


The picture says it all !

21 Dec

merry christmas and happy new year

Just taking the opportunity to pass on traditional seasonal greetings to all the readers, followers and contributors of this Blog. Many thanks, again to all contributors. Hopefully , with some techy input, I can improve the Blog and keep the interest going into 2014. Onward and Upward ! Keep on “vannin man !”
Here’s my favourite pic of Dinkum’s Kamper:


Requested images

20 Dec

nv200 dash revcounter

The reversing camera image appears here on my kamper. I believe that some versions can have the screen on centre dash(?)

The image below is from the excellent and recommended website

beware , some of the comments are not complimentary but horses for courses !

nv200 reversing cam image

Great suggestions below in the Blog Plan Posting! Thanks!
I find the reversing camera to be very useful indeed when parking up. I had reversing sensors on our previous motorhome (Trigano Tribute) but the cam is much more useful in my opinion. The red guide line should be treated as THE final limit. I suggest NOT going beyond !

Plan for the Blog

18 Dec


A video tour of the Dinkum Kamper (Nevada)

More Dash Cam footage as it becomes available.

A breakdown of the costs overall.

Retrofit of Cruise control.

Reviews of overnight usage in Winter and Towing a small Caravan.

Inclusion of a Forum where you can raise topics and communicate with other contributors.

Calendar from Drivelodge

16 Dec

visit stonehenge

The lovely folk who put together our Nevada campervan have sent us a wonderfully inspiring calendar for 2014. January’s picture is of Stonehenge (above) but all the images motivate to get out and about in the Kamper.
Drivelodge can be contacted on 01535 637777 or email see