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Attempted repair ., Ha Ha Ha

23 Sep

Had a couple of error codes pop up whilst out recently. I carry a Pro-Scan OBD with me in the vehicle. In case of an engine warning light coming on, it saves £40 to £50 for a garage diagnosis. First code was P0380 showing a Glow Plug Open Circuit “A” then a P0202 showing an Injector Circuit open on Cylinder 2.

Now, it is quite easy to unscrew a glow plug if you know not to force the thread and use a little release oil so as not to risk shearing the thing off. Similarly an injector change is not too difficult, just a fiddle with wiring loom connections , pipes etc. The glow plugs and injectors are on top of the engine and at the front.

HOWEVER, covering all the loom and pipes is that plastic shield shown above ( thji is NOT my engine by the way). To get the cover off means releasing that turbo air pipe, shown on this example with a sensible rubber hose which can be removed. My version has an insulated, one piece pipe which fastens to the turbo body with a large “C” clip. I cannot access the ” C” clip for love nor money. On my version ( 2013 NV200 110ps 6 sp ) I think it’s accessed from under the van, standing up so you can reach up to the turbo outlet. So, with a slate floor, outside with no easy way of jacking high enough I am snookered.

So, instead of just buying 4 glow plugs from a very cheap £20 pounds or so and n injector from about £120 approximately, It’s a garage repair job. I have had bad experiences with the three different ” businesses” I have dealt with locally so I am waiting two weeks for my old chum at Newhall Garage to return from holiday. I can trust him not to rip me off. I am no slouch at car mechanics and have rebuilt at least a dozen engines from nut and bolt , component by component , including a 2.4 flat six Porsche 911 e air cooled engine. So damned annoying to be beaten by the need for an four leg vehicle lift.

Super Autumn Day at Cardingmill Valley

11 Sep
at the top car park

Another visit to one of our favourite National Trust locations. As memebers we parked for free alongisde two other campervans.

The stream was surprisingly low in water flow and in light warm, rain we strolled down to the National Trust cafe for a light lunch. Thankfully, very few of the hundreds ( !!!) of schoolchildren were actually in the cafe at the time. They appeared to be surveying the surrounding hillside and stream run.

We then headed the short distance into Church Stretton for a perusal of the antiques and charity shops. The beautiful town in the light drizzle and slight autumn chill reminded us greatly of the town of Cold Water in northern New York state which we visited a couple of years ago as part of my son’s wedding trip to Cape Cod. In Cold Water we had been surprised to find a Welsh curios shop ! Two superb places to visit.

On the route home, we spotted some shepherds’ huts for sale at the Wilstone Home and Garden centre. Slightly misleading title as it is packed with far eastern and Indian curios and antiques. The sheperherds’ huts were about £6k each but were nowhere near as nice as my own Bow Top caravan , in my humble and modest ( LOL) opinion. We loved this place ! We even got a contact for a Shrewsbury based thatcher and we are hoping to get our garden pavillion properly and traditionally thatched shortly.

Back again after a break from Posting

5 Sep

Prompted by Martin to restart the Blog, this is from yesterday. I parked near this other Drivelodge camper van in Market Drayton. A ” Joey” . I am sure that Martin will comment. I have been spending far too much time on facebook but also making a Gupsy Bow Top Caravan or Vardo. Three clear month’s work and it still needs painting and final details. I shall be inputting all the photos , step by step on my sister Blog. But here is a taster of what you could see.