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NV200 “Dorma” for sale

29 Jan

nv200 dorma

Saw this camper advertised and thought it was worth a look. It’s at Chorley Nissan and price is £31,995
a not insignificant figure. you can see a video here

What do you think ? There seems to be rear fitted cupboards and four front facing seats around a table. The roof looks like Drivelodge item. I wonder if this Campervan is a prototype or copy of a Lunar Vacanza????

Anyone “vanning” out for Burns Night?

25 Jan

robbie burns

Ashamed to say that we are not camping out in Scotland for Burns Night but I have my haggis, neeps (swede) and tatties (potatoes) ready for tonight’s supper. I do not enjoy mashed potato that much so I am having mine boiled and “new”. I am also adding a little round of black pudding, simply because I like it ! In the past I have enjoyed (in Scotland) rounds of haggis and black pudding with a savoury “square” sausage as part of a full Scottish breakfast. This was on board an ocean going sailing yacht anchored off Tabbert on the east coast , North of Glasgow. After a drunken night at a marina, too……….
The best haggis I have personally tried was at the Crusoe Hotel in Fife. Wonderful stuff!
Does my choice of supper meet with Scottish approval? How do you eat yours?

burns night supper

As for accompanying drink, we are going with a strong , dark but inexpensive beer, swapping over to a whisky to follow. Is this OK with the traditionalists?

Some of Burns’ poems are very funny. Some very baudy. I have to have a Scots friend with me to translate much of it. Ideal taken with Whisky. Try “Tam O’Shanter” for a taster

Motor Caravan Hire in Wales and Midlands of England

24 Jan

pembrokeshire lily

I have had a request from the USA to post some general information about “RV” hire in Wales particularly.
In the UK an “RV” is mostly referred to as a Motor Home. Smaller vehicles , such as Dinkum’s Kamper , are camper vans. Dinkum’s kamper is slightly smaller than a VW Transporter short wheel base.
If you want something small and Retro you could hire a VW camper van like “Lily” above.

or for an alternative see

For something bigger for more of an “RV” experience :
auto roller 7 berth example


or . Remember that there are dozens of suppliers of Rental Motor Homes.
You could also try:

hymer example

You will need your current driver’s licence which must cover you to drive the vehicle of your choice. Check with the rental company first ! Lots of I.D. to prove who you are. Something like 50% of Motor Homes rented out are damaged during the hire, so take out as much insurance cover and waivers that you can to limit your liability. You will have to pay a deposit. We drive on the left in the UK. Rent a Sat Nav and stick to the speed limits.
For campsite selection , my favourite website is . You will find a campsite to suit your needs. Roads in rural Wales can be quite narrow so drive accordingly. We have taken a previously owned 24ft Minnie Winnie all over Wales in the past with no problems so do not worry too much ! Hope this helps. You can seek further advice by commenting below or join UKCampsite (it’s free) and ask on there.
Also see and for those special little journeys

A welcome to viewers from the Isle of Man

24 Jan

isle_of_man_flagIsle-of-man map

We have been seeing very significant numbers of viewings from the Isle of Man. So a big warm welcome to you all ! Sad to say that although I have visited the Isle of Man many times, both on business ( John Wade are you reading this? I salute you.) and for pleasure, I have never taken my camper van or caravan there. Perhaps I should rectify this. It is a wonderful holiday destination and highly recommended. I have seen some TT races, the Wheely Championships and Motorcycle drag racing. I was an avid watcher of the Manx Rally over many years. I rode the TT course on my Yamaha FZ750 and this is permanently etched in my memory bank !
If there is some special reason for this attraction to my Blog then I would be delighted to hear why. Please comment below. Sincere thanks for visiting the Blog !

A Winter’s Day Trip to Church Stretton

19 Jan


Rectory Woods. The most relaxing place in Shropshire. see

Took Dinkum’s Kamper along the A53 and A49 ( a beautiful Winter drive) to Church Stretton in Shropshire on Saturday. A cold, wet and grey day, brightened by a day out and a lovely destination. It’s what camper vanning is about. Grabbing an opportunity to get away from another unexpected workload ,( I am supposed to be retired………),following a recommendation from a valued friend, we set off to visit an Antiques emporium

church stretton and the long mynd

see It’s easy to fly past Church Stretton on the A49 if the lights are on green. Take the time to turn off, park up and have a look around this lovely little town. Better still, choose a drier, warmer day and go for a ramble. Sturdier folk can climb the Long Mynd and Stretton Hills or just wander around the lower slopes. There’s a railway station and a nice high street. We sheltered in the van after getting cold and damp and ate a hot lunch watching the real (fitter and slimmer!) ramblers returning as the sun went down behind the grey rain clouds. I bought a super model TAB caravan in silver and yellow for my little collection and my wife bought some textiles for her work chest. (Don’t mention the curtains……..). A nice reminder of a an enjoyable visit.

church stretton st laurence

Church of Saint Laurence. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy an old Church (do you?) I love the peaceful atmosphere and the sheer joy of an old building. What a great day out in the Kamper!

Another “could not resist posting” Picture

17 Jan

hotwheels promo


When I first saw this photo, I thought that maybe VW had decided to do a “BMW Mini or Fiat 500L” type revamp of the Microbus. Just imagine the space inside a fully functioning version of this Hotwheels model. This should have been posted much sooner but I dropped a small glass of Jack Daniels and water on my laptop keyboard and lost the “V” key (then much more shortly afterwards) meaning that a Vee Dub posting was impossible. One new keyboard later and…….. we’re Back in the Room !

A few more photos and reclassification to Motor Caravan

12 Jan


Finally got around to applying for reclassification on the DVLA documents. Hope I don’t get fined for lateness, although there does not appear to be a time limit defined? Photos above show the roof in raised position, the water level indicator in the cupboard wall beneath the washbasin and hob. The water bottle itself has now been marked up with accurate top up scale. I have insulated around the bottle so that we can leave water in overnight on our driveway so that we can make a brew next day without having to keep refilling before we go out.
I chatted with someone who had converted a Mercedes Sprinter , new age style. It had a log burning stove, a mutated front door and in theory, on paper it met the DVLA requirements as a Motor Caravan.The application was rejected as the vehicle “did not have the external appearance of a Motor Caravan”. Where does this leave camper vans with “stealth” styling? What defines the appearance of a Motor Caravan? It all seems a bit wishy washy to me?

For more details for reclassifying your vehicle to Motor Caravan see