Spring has sprung

2 Mar


Following on from the laptop issues, we have again been busy with unexpected business activity which have delayed this year’s motor caravan plans. We managed yesterday (the first official day of spring) , to drive to Newtown, Powys to visit the Laura Ashley outlet. In Newtown , we and our neighbours as guests, came across the Welsh Historic Rally which actually too place today. We saw a MK I Fiesta, a Ford Anglia and a MK II Escort all in Rally trim. Aaaaaaah the nostalgia! The joy of motoring ! It brought out the “Toad of Toad Hall” in me. Today I have actually been looking at Classic Rally cars for sale on the “interweb”.
Our thoughts also turned to this years voyage abroad. France of course. The pic shows our previous trusty Trigano Tribute adjacent to the River Garonne.
We did a fair mileage on Saturday. Found a lovely pub in Wales run by a Chinese guy and had a lovely pub lunch including huge king prawn, asparagus chicken and garlic with very eggy fried rice. The weather was lovely and shades had to be worn!
The Kamper handled well enough to slide the rear passengers about a little (sorry ladies!) Nothing a bit of Velcro wont put right though. We did not hold anyone up on the twisty Welsh and Shropshire “A” roads. The engine is lovely and free now it’s just bust through 5,000 miles.
Oh the joy of it all ! More soon


One Response to “Spring has sprung”

  1. martin mcdowall March 4, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

    spring is not quite here in scotland.many happy memories of france though…. la baule.. quiberon.. la rochelle and nantes
    . hopefully be back out there again soon
    viva la camper van

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