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Zero Emission (???) campervans from Nissan Spain.

20 Jun

This web article appeared a short while ago on YouTube. It all looks great but I have to again challenge this Marketing hype about vehicles being ” Zero Emissions”. Total nonsense of course They have to receive battery charge from some source and unless it’s from purely solar, then emssions in generarting the electrical energy will result in emissions. Don’t think Nuclear power is clean either. Firstly consider the HUGE amounts of energy used in creating VAST amounts of concrete cement and then of course what can happen environmentally if things go wrong. For example Chernobyl and Fukishima to name but two incidents. Say that quickly, the consequences of such events are enormous and very, very long lived. Google nuclear half life for evidence. Pure science by the way, not opinion.

   Chernobyl 30 years ago.

   Fukishima Disaster. Mans foolishness again through poor judgement.

Still enjoying Pacific Tuna without any worries ? Was that veg that you ate today grown in a fallout zone created 30 years ago with hundreds of years left ticking away in nuclear half life degradation?