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Desperate to get away for an active break

15 Jan


It’s that time of year. Post Christmas days when it hardly gets light. Dull, damp and dismal. Now into my third week of cold viruses. I think that I have had two in sequence. I wish they would sequence “dance off” to “Strictly”

Remember Jasper Carrot’s song, “When I get my moped back on the road I’m going to ride, ride, ride” ? Well, when I cast off these little weird bits of cellular misery, I am definitely heading off with caravan in tow to somewhere pleasant where good pub food abounds and decent walking is to be had. Likely to be Cornwall or possibly North Wales. Where would you go for your first camping break? Here’s 2 enticing pics:


A nice place to eat. Not sure where it is. It just looks …… nice!


The UKcampsite website, as always, has some great suggestions and reviews  see   http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/

but I recently came across this website with campsites listed within on mile of a beach

see  http://beachcampsitesuk.co.uk/   

Like thousands of others , we are currently also trying to cut down and lose weight. I have to look good in my little page boy outfit for that forthcoming wedding. Don’t want to look like a “Cranky” ! Hence, decent length walks during the day to pay for a sensible pub meal or caravan home cooked meal at night. A decent DVD., feet up, heating on and get ready for the next day’s walking. Oh yeah !