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The van is handed over to the converters.

2 Jul

50 mph speed limit

We took the NV up to Keighley today and got the average fuel consumption overall, from manufacture to now (less than 170 miles) up from just over 40 mpg to 50 mpg. For an engine not yet run in and including a lot of loading on and off ships and lorries, I think that this figure is very respectable.
The two sets of keys were left in the capable hands of James and David at Drivelodge. As we left for the Raiway station, the NV was going undercover for work to start. We enjoyed another quick tour of the work in progress which was as impressive as before.
Some more news. The campervan will be badged as Drivelodge , Nevada. Our choice of name changed to be more respectable and dignified
The only other graphics will be the simple black stripes , extending the line of the sliding door runners into the door creases themselves.
Hoping to post photos of the conversion progress as we go on, but an imminent trip to the Tour de France will delay things once more. But, as my Gran used to say, ” good things come to those who wait !”

We are getting over 150 hits per day on our blog , by the way, with best ever of 226 visits in one 24 hour period. Nissan NV200 rules OK !