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Room 101. Ugly? campervans and motorhomes

27 Jun

I love some classic campers. I can get quite nostalgic about times gone by. Sometimes though, I have to admit my darkest thoughts. Do some of them , new and old, belong in “Room 101 ?”  Do you know of one to add to the list? Send in a pic. (contact via the comments tag below)

This Mercedes based “two up, two down” must have been incredibly, perhaps dangerously slow if my experiences of just the base van are anything to go by.

This is adding insult to injury ! Some of the Mark IV Ford Zephyrs were very unreliable. V4 engined versions used to shear the paper, yes paper rolled and glued timing wheels frequently. The column change mechanisms used to break their white metal casings and you would lose gearchange facility. At least with your home from home above you , you did at least have somewhere to stay whilst repairs got underway. The Zodiacs did seem somewhat more desirable and reliable.


Who did this to you ? What a horrid deed. I never thought that I could describe any Citroen H van as ugly. What an act of vandalism.

What was I thinking all those years ago? The Starcraft was a fibreglass kit which was stuck to the back of a Ford Cortina. I almost bought a kit in my youth……..  My wife stopped me dead in my tracks when she saw one in the flesh. The lower entrance door on early models used to hinge in a very odd way, adding to the displeasure. There is one of these still in use not far from the village. Was it run out of town by a lynch mob?


When I  saw this, my first thoughts were, ” well it would not have lived anyway….”  Part fish, part cyclops. Or is it pure Warthog??  Would you pay vast sums of money to show this much bad taste?

Somebody’s pride and joy, no doubt. This reminds of one of those Caddisfly larvae that you caught between your toes whilst paddling as a child. Still sends shudders through you does it not?

Not so certain about this one. Getting “the golden cut” of proportions right is very difficult when using fibreglass. Just look at the enormous number of horribly distorted Kit Cars available. They may look stunning from one aspect but then when seen from another angle, you almost gag with horror. (My old Cox GTM was like that, sadly.)

My dear departed dad, once bought a truly vile looking, Ford Transit which “sported” (LOL) a fibreglass high top which had an overcab. This stuck out forwards above the bonnet and for all the world looked to be imitating Elvis Presley and his quiff. But worse still, it was much less attractive than Elvis’ own. I begged him not to buy it and regretted driving him over to the seller to buy it. It was actually embarrassing to witness it in use. Like watching a cringe making episode of “The Office.”

ford campervan with quiffimitation quiff

Do you see the similarity?  Here’s another lookalike:


ugly-snobThey do say that dogs look like their owners, so do campervan owners begin to take on the persona of their travel home?