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Some things to consider if towing with a campervan

13 Jun

elddis pickup 3
samba eriba combo
Regular readers will know that I am a strong advocate of towing a caravan with a campervan. We are not alone although we do not come across many similar outfits on Caravan Club sites.
I have been a Caravan Club member , almost continually for over 4 decades , hence my liking for C.C. sites. Why? Because you know what you will get with the Caravan Club. It’s a bit like buying a MacDonalds or using a Wetherspoons. No surprises. Everything familiar.
elddy 3
I recently booked a site, online, in order to get together with family members. With the 2 berth caravan and 2 berth campervan we would have enough beds for the 4 of us. Although my son and his spouse would only stay for 3 nights, to make things easy on the slightly inflexible C.C. Website , I booked 4 people for 5 nights. The campervan would purely be used for sleeping and no cooking or electric hook up would be needed.I just booked one pitch, tow “car” and caravan.
honest man
Being an honest man and having thought about it, one pitch booked may not meet the rules. The very rules which make the CC attractive to old fogies like us. We would not infringe the 6 metre rule ( for fire risk and LPG cooking) and we only wanted one EHU but we would have 2 sleeping units on one pitch. Mmmmmmmmmm . Not quite cricket is it? So, I phoned up to book two pitches.No, you cannot book 2 pitches using one member number. OK. my son’s number is…….. No, that’s just a Family Member. Sorry? You will have to either pay the non-member surcharge for 2 people or your son must join for full membership.
Now, I do actually agree with this. It’s what the rules state. It took a bit of time to think it through and my wife still does not “get it”. To use full member’s priveliges you need full membership. So, we have booked 2 pitches as required and agreed to the significant non-member surcharge. I was told that for just myself and the wife, the campervan is treated purely as a tow “car”………………. What if we have an argument when duo “camping” and she sleeps in the campervan?????????????????? Being an honest man, I would insist she wake up the wardens and pay for another pitch. Glad that’s sorted…………………….


It’s all happening………

1 Mar

freedom about to leave

Our personal and business life is still happily busy. Just prior to dashing off to catch a train, our dear little caravan was swapped around with the campervan ready to be collected by the new local owners. As we were being driven away, the Microlite was being hitched onto a brand new towbar behind a fabulous compact, modern car. We did not have to time to think about it too much. A bit like having a loose tooth removed.

Very sorry to see this trusty, reliable little character go. But life moves on.

A  rare “treat” for us, the London Midland train was warm, comfy and extremely smooth. It honestly felt as if we were airborne above the rails. It was that good.

Canons Abbey:

canons abbey

Delish Chicago Pizza anyone?

chicago pizza

Following our return from an enjoyable weekend away, we picked up the replacement caravan from storage and with the help of neighbours and friends we manhandled it into the still warm “bed” recently vacated by the Microlite. It should all be far easier once the motor mover is installed. Next job is to valet and prepare the caravan. It was bought unvaletted as part of the deal. (Hi Martin, told you I was tight !) Checking everything out over the next few days and any work needed will be scheduled in as soon as we can, before the motor mover appointment.

Lightweight, Pop-Top Caravans with all mod cons.

12 May

eriba eribelle

The Freedom Microlite is now cleaned and serviced, ready to go again. I have not managed to be as thorough as usual due to a still aching arm following a fall from the roof of the caravan. I have also re-kitted the cab curtains on the NV 200 Kampa. We have been thinking of “updating” our 1996 LE but searching around for a low height caravan which will not obstruct our view of the Village Pool has not turned up many options. If you add in a shower room then the choice falls even further. We did come across the Eriba Eribelle similar to that shown above behind a lovely VW campervan. The layout is similar to the Freedom LE Microlite but has what seems to be larger washroom with more headroom in the “potentially” shower area. Having done it once, I could fairly simply fit out an Eribelle with a more plush shower/washroom. Would love any feedback from Eribelle owners. Just click the comments button beneath this posting please.

Did see the picture below of a proud owner Cleaning His Roof !!! That got my danger alert sounding ! But it has to be done.

eriba eribelle roof cleaning

Please see their website  at   


We also liked the new TAB 400L but it would block our view from the frontage of the house. I do not like paying for storage as I think it defeats the object somewhat of value for money holidays.

What do you tow behind your campervan?


An old Question arises again

23 Feb

snip k and c mod 20130807_194919 Regular contributors and Web Buddies, the “McDs” have been in touch with pics of their previous Freedom Microlite caravan and a lovely LDV motorhome which they owned previously. Due to conflicts on my ……… laptop with Outlook, I have been unable to show the pics here. However, they are considering towing again, this time with their super Drivelodge camper (seen above). We have always enjoyed the flexibility of towing our tiny Microlite LE. Regular viewers will know about it’s secret wet-room with shower and porta potti. see top picture above. Our Kamper has been used mainly, to date, as a day van. It’s in constant daily use, taking us to various locations and offering home from home convenience which is hard to beat. We can enter the most convoluted of medieval town centres without fear of getting stuck or being unable to park. When we have the caravan in tow, we have a fixed base plus the use of the day van. Do you tow with a camper van? Please add your comments below. I know that this is a repost but we have had loads of interest.You can see the shower room here on YouTube http://youtu.be/nSRHU2b70-k Yesterday we had an average of one viewing of the Blog every 4 minutes.

A little more preparation for the year’s travel

6 Apr

Our little caravan is currently covered with a light dusting of Saharan sand, blown North in recent weather conditions. This sand contamination is not something new. In my handful of decades of sweet life, I have seen this at least once per decade. The caravan needs a spring clean before we head off in search of sun, exercise and fun.
It was, of course winterised in a clean state and it’s fibreglass body is frequently waxed including the roof which is no easy task. Although in good condition, ideally it would look great with a respray in Nissan White to match Dinkum’s Kamper. Regular readers will know that the caravan has a shower room and toilet which I converted to a wet room so that we can stay on Caravan Club Cert ified Locations (CL’s) where there are little or no facilities.
I searched the internet recently for “all things Freedom caravans” and came across this picture below of a cleverly resprayed Microlite. The sculptured body panels have been painted black to look like much larger window areas which transforms the caravan’s appearance. I love this look. What do you think ? Please comment.
Plus, what a fabulous, customised VW crew cab pick up ! It makes me want to take up surfing again but with my belly, even a belly board would take up too much fibreglass! LOL (secretly shedding a private tear for lost physique…………)

freedom microlite le with respray

Is this vw /caravan combo cool? or is it COOL?
Now, here is a cool kamper:DCFC0052.JPG