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It’s all happening………

1 Mar

freedom about to leave

Our personal and business life is still happily busy. Just prior to dashing off to catch a train, our dear little caravan was swapped around with the campervan ready to be collected by the new local owners. As we were being driven away, the Microlite was being hitched onto a brand new towbar behind a fabulous compact, modern car. We did not have to time to think about it too much. A bit like having a loose tooth removed.

Very sorry to see this trusty, reliable little character go. But life moves on.

A  rare “treat” for us, the London Midland train was warm, comfy and extremely smooth. It honestly felt as if we were airborne above the rails. It was that good.

Canons Abbey:

canons abbey

Delish Chicago Pizza anyone?

chicago pizza

Following our return from an enjoyable weekend away, we picked up the replacement caravan from storage and with the help of neighbours and friends we manhandled it into the still warm “bed” recently vacated by the Microlite. It should all be far easier once the motor mover is installed. Next job is to valet and prepare the caravan. It was bought unvaletted as part of the deal. (Hi Martin, told you I was tight !) Checking everything out over the next few days and any work needed will be scheduled in as soon as we can, before the motor mover appointment.