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A full service and some additional work

30 Sep

Needed a full 12,000 mile service before my round trip to London. Inspection revealed that I also required a pair of front discs and pads, a tyre, tracking and all wheel balance too. A couple of other advisories , reminders really that I needed cam belt change soon and anti-freeze swap.  Had an Avon Cooper tyre fitted and all the work done but still to sort all the belts and pulleys being swapped. I had to make that London trip. So put in a full shot of Wynns DPF cleaner to help blast out the carbon build-up in the filter trap and topped up to full with 20 odd litres of BP Ultimate Diesel.

Now, you do have to pay a premium to buy BP Ultimate Diesel and I have to admit that having worked for this wonderful company that I am biased. I did spend some time at the old Sunbury on Thames engine wear research establishment many years ago and Boy ! was I impressed. So, I do not hesitate in recommending this fuel. My return trip and running around the capitol added almost 400 miles to the clock but my goodness what a smooth ride we had. A true, clinical improvement in performance and response and no sign of a DPF warning from the onboard diagnostics. This was whilst using a 50/50 mix of Sainsbury Diesel and BP Ultimate. I am going to fill the tank with 100% Ultimate next time ! Just to try it and prove it’s worth.

Also swapping back to a full oil sump of fully synthetic BP engine oil as soon as feasible. FI Autocentres could not really confirm what oil was fitted for my £135 ……………………..

BP synthetics help reduce the deposit build up in these Politically motivated carbon traps.

Click on this model truck for a delicious treat !

53,250 miles on first set of discs. Is this reasonable? Comments below please.