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Five day London weekend

27 Mar

Although we spent a lot of time babysitting and enjoying ourselves considerably in the process,  one of the highlights was a family birthday get together , then a trip to Blackheath Royal Park above Greenwich and the Maritime Museum. This place is huge, covering a massive area. There is lots of parking available, including a few areas where larger motorhomes could be found. We did overstay our maximum payment period (£3.80p) by a small period and got fined £40.00 but that was our fault. Even the standard car parking spaces can cope with campervans and smaller panel van motorcaravans. If you are in London, this is a good place to go with your pride and joy.

  There are several excellent cafes, spread out around the park and coffee/burger vans which do extremely good coffees including decaff.

The whole place was heaving with people. Some with dogs, some on bikes. Family groups and tourists in droves. There was even a couple of youngsters on electric skateboards , which caught me out as I could not understand how they could “roll” so far uphill. Doh ! Talking of hills, it’s a steep walk down into Greenwich, which is well served by pubs, places to eat and of course the Maritime museum. Before our extended Sunday lunch we had time to visit the museum which is free. Some of party paid about £14 each to see the Emma Hamilton exhibition there but we bought the book to catch up on this Lady’s spicy life experiences.

When we returned to the park after lunch, the park was even busier. The crowds of people looked like a Lowry painting when looking towards the sun, which was shining brightly all day. Click on and expand these pics for a better effect and to see some detail.

  Although, we did see a police helicopter doing the rounds and a couple of young policewomen on horseback, it was all normal for London. Business as usual despite the horrid events in Westminster the previous week. An elderly neighbour said following the 2005 bombings, ” if the Germans had little effect on stopping London life in the second world war, dropping thousands of tons of high explosives on the place, then we have little to worry about the odd loan wolf.”

In memory of those killed and injured on Westminster Bridge , Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster  March 22nd 2017.