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How quick is your van? It’s Wales Rally GB time.

29 Oct

rally-van-mitsubishirally-van-mercedesrally-van-fiat-panda  As it will always be known to me, with it’s memories of the fabulous, now defunct, Group B rallycars, it’s “RAC Rally time”.

We all know about “white van man” but you can now buy uprated “sporty”versions of many vans. Transit, VW and Vauxhall all have versions for the more affluent Tradesmen. All the better to get to the breakfast cafe that much quicker.

With this year’s Wales Rally GB firmly underway, I did a search for Rally/Race Vans and a surprisingly high number of tempting examples emerged from the depths of Google.

evalia kaskusDCFC0051.JPG

With the “new” Avon tyres fitted and the damping naturally balanced by the extra weight of the campervan conversion, our Nevada handles surprisingly well. Despite it’s somewhat narrow stance and the live rear axle, it is actually fairly easy to drive with vigour. I am sure that the 110ps engine and 6 speed box help. My brother’s work van has also been known to be tested out on the winding roads of the Staffordshire/Leek moorlands. The brakes seem well up to the job too, but like everyone else with these “recently” introduced asbestos free pads, the build up of metallic black dust on the front alloys can be rapid. An initial pre-wax before fitting can help enormously in this respect, making cleaning far easier. Wash wax does seem to keep the protection topped up.

race-rally-van-rebelvanrace-van-vwkampa awning 2  Though, I have to say that this, more restful type of behaviour ( peaceful camping) is much more advisable…….. I have just picked up my first speeding offence in decades. Got done at 37mph in a 30mph zone, I am ashamed to say. It was in a stretch of open rural road but that’s no excuse.  Glad I never splashed out on that massive enhanced intercooler………………..

(On a more serious note. Heavy vans can get out of hand in a big way. You would not want to hurt anyone, would you? Please drive safely.)