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More pictures taken on Skye and finally, Glencoe

22 Oct


Not visited in our campervan, but posted to show what can be seen in Scotland. Still on Skye, we got to Glen Brittle early in the morning. At the top of the car park, which is used to access the Fairy Pools and the mountains beyond, a VW stealth campervan was coming to life. We could see a mattress inside. Not photographed, to retain our fellow campers’ privacy.

With toddler in her rucksack carrier, we made the walk across the Glen to reach the wonderful Fairy Pools. A young man from Glasgow was taking video with a £30 odd Drone which at 720p quality had pleased him with it’s results. He landed it very skillfully on a small rock jutting out alongside one of the waterfalls. I want one!

Later, coming back down from the lower slopes, we could not believe our eyes. A young Lady had stripped to a  see through, chiffon dress and wearing only her pants underneath, was climbing, barefoot across the rock wall of the stream below , obviously for “glamour” photographs from a very professional looking telephoto equipped cameraman. Wow ! a Real “Fairy” at Fairy Pools. With the good weather continuing and now this, I do lead a charmed life………..  She did slip and fall, feet first into the shallow , cold water at one point, revealing far more than intended when her skimpy dress caught on the rocks. Here she is


Next , we visited Dunvegan Castle and then the Coral Beach. Also on Skye.


coral-beach-skye-from-abovecoral-beach-from-above-skyecoral-beach-on-skye  A fairly long walk in the sun had the layers coming off. The very light coloured beach contrasted hugely from the volcanic darkness of the pebbles and sand at Talisker beach. The currents must be just right to deposit this “coral” debris just here.

quiraing quiraing-table

Another day, we made our way to Quiraing for a ramble to this awesome mountain walk. Historically it is said that the “Table” , on the right above, was used to hide livestock from Viking invaders. Goodness knows how they got highland cattle up there! Some mountain bikers appear to also use the main path. I only got partway. The shear drops were just too much for my fragile mentality and, embarrassingly, I had to return to the car for an early bath. Disgraced rugby player fashion. (I do have genuine reason for being fearful, at heights, having worked at 1000 feet , in harness as a young man but losing what little nerve I then had in horrendous fashion.)

Finally on Skye, apart from several , local walks around Portree we went on a wildlife boat trip and saw Sea Eagles, Seals and glorious marine scenery. Portree harbour has great restaurants too, with quality local fish directly off the boats.


portree-lifeboat  Sadly, our time on Skye was running out and reluctantly we made our way back to Armadale for the ferry to Mallaig and then onwards to Glencoe for another overnighter before Glasgow and the train South.



We saw the first light rain in a fortnight as we left Glencoe for Glasgow. There were several , mostly German, adventure trail bikes around and with my Dachsund style legs, I looked at these tall in the saddle “magic carpets” with envy. How do you go on if you drop one on oneself in a remote ford? How would you pick it up? LOL.

If you go to Skye (and you should!) dont miss the Stein Inn, Skyeskins and Skye beers, especially Skye Black.