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Major service time again and Diesel Particulate Filter warning

27 Sep

I booked a 12,000 mile service this morning then went shopping in Market Drayton. On the way back home the red engine management warning light came on. Whoop de whoo…………….

I reached for my trusty OBD scanner and quickly found an error code.  “P242 F ”  Diesel Particulate Filter Restriction, Ash Accumulation.

It would appear that I have been making too many, short, low speed journeys? I reset the error code and went for a circular blast round.

Where it was safe to do so, I kept the revs at just under the redline limit of 4,000 rpm. About one third way round my route the warning light came on again. I stopped and using the OBD scanner, I reset the error warning. I continued with my high revs trip for about 20 minutes and the light remained off.

That should have burned off the excess build up of soot in the exhaust filter. I have been using full synthetic engine (well, I have been Paying for it ………..but has it been going into the engine?? ) but very little premium fuel. Build up is unavoidable. It is the way the filter works. It somewhat defeats the economical driving regime. Not really “GREEN” is it? Uses double the normal amount of fuel to clean this £1,000 to £3,250 !!!!!! device. Just to meet EU regulations. What a farce. We need a reality check in what we are being told to do.

Now looking closely at Diesel fuel additives and “cleaners” but be warned, some additives produce excess soot deposits. More on this later.