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The Micro-Sleeper NV200 Pop Top from Seaton Delaval , N.E. England

18 Mar

Here is another find from Martin.Thanks mate ! Advertised via Gumtree as an alternative to low spec ., overpriced VWs (their words not mine but I understand where they are coming from).

see https://www.gumtree.com/p/campervans-motorhomes/-2016-nissan-nv200-micro-sleeper-pop-top-camper-campervan-vw/1224637821

There is more information from the maker (?) and Dealers , Caravan Source, but the best photos seem to be on the Gumtree advert above.

Caravan Source      http://www.caravansource.org/2016_Nissan_NV200_pop-top_Micro-Sleeper_camper-van_camper/p2791018_16543618.aspx

Prices start at just under £27,000   with options adding to this. They have a finance “offer” of £7k deposit and £400 per month to purchase. According to research, most folk can raise about £6k or so , making this an affordable new camper van. Plus it has a roof bed suitable for children, which we don’t have. Please add comments below. Rear hinged pop top gives maximum headroom for the work surfaces, sink and hob. In high winds, I prefer our front hinged pop top and park nose into the wind for least turbulence, but that’s a bit picky.

For comparison, our Nevada from Drivelodge  at a very high spec., with blown air heating, alloys and tyres, swivel cab seats, air bag safety package and so on, was about £2,500 less than this, but that was over 3 years ago and involved a lot of self sourcing of refillable gas tank etc . Nissan were doing a discount on base vehicles at the time. It’s well documented if you scroll down through the archives.

Overall, it looks like a very competively priced bit of kit.Got to be worth a close look !