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Breaking News from Nissan and encouragement to Back Britain

27 Oct


One of my favourite car maufacturers, Nissan, has announced massive investment in the Sunderland plant to build the X-Trail and Qashqai there in the very near future. One report also said that the Juke will be built there (?) These cars are excellent in reliability, quality of finish and appeal. They can compete, with ease, in the Global market.

Just look at the 2017 Qashqai  above and the X-Trail interior. If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy a new car, when they are released, please consider a British built vehicle in your choices.

I am old enough to remember the “I’m Backing Britain Campaign” in 1968. It should be brought back right now. But this time, let’s make the Tee shirts in the U.K., and NOT in Portugal like they were back then ! The 1968 campaign is now viewed as a failure but politics back then were dominated by warring between management, unions and government.Robert Maxwell also tried to take over the campaign for his own ends. We can move forward and vote with our wallets. We have wonderful food from all over the U.K., and campervan converters in almost every City and Town.The list is endless.


I recently urged readers of the Blog  to buy British and support the local economy whenever possible. I am now, without apology, again calling on readers to do this and to spread the word to friends and neighbours.

I worked with a large number of people from the North East of England in Coal Mining in the Western Area of the then National Coal Board. Almost without exception, they were hard working and conscientious. Nissan would NOT have committed to re-investment if the plant there was not smack bang up to Global standards in quality and performance. It is a feather in the cap of the people of the North East and they should be applauded.We should also thank Nissan for this vote of confidence.

I know that my NV200 was made in Spain and the engine is from Renault, but that was before the Brexit vote. Now is the time to review what we buy and consider the future for the U.K., Britain and our individual Nations. Lets get those tractors busy, the factories buzzing and workers working. Stuff the bureaucrats and the self serving attitudes.

(Note. The Ford Transit van used to be made in Southampton. Manufacture was moved with European Grants (!) to Turkey when it’s entry into the E.U. was being considered. Otherwise , I could have had a Transit based camper van made by Drivelodge in Yorkshire, with pride.)

I for one would love to see a replacement NV200 made in the U.K., perhaps a second campaign………..