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Autumn planning for a big trip in the Nevada Campervan.

24 Oct

nc500-map       The NC 500 is a 516 miles scenic route around the North Coast of Scotland, starting at Inverness Castle.

Inverness Castle is a not insignificant 404 miles from Chateau Dinkum and Google suggests just under 7 hours drive time plus any stops. Driving all the way in one go with just three planned comfort breaks would be a realistic 9 hours , say. Personally, I would break the trip up to the start by taking an over night stop at about the halfway mark.

tob-kampa-side-on   Pistonheads actually have an itinerary to complete the NC500, preferably by fast, sharp handling car, in 24 hours. Not sure how that equates to safe driving on , often, single track roads with passing places. For me, by campervan, at present, I think that a loosely timed tour would be more in keeping. This would allow time to pull over and admire the scenery. Having recently returned from Skye, there is more than enough to see.

drone-delivery   I got quite excited this morning when my NC500 club pack arrived. It didn’t arrive by drone, like this Australian trial delivery, but it came with a super route map, a drive on the left windscreen reminder sticker for the Europian and other travellers and an NC500 Club sticker for the campervan. The map includes campsites, fuel stops, distilleries and other vital information. Membership, for one year costs £15 and allows access to the discussion board on the NC500 website plus discount offers on a forthcoming variety of purchases.

tigga-pretending-to-be-stuck  In anticipation of a lengthy time away, we would travel solo with the campervan, leaving the caravan at home. We would take puss cat with us and he is completing training with his safety harness and cage for long distance travel. This way, there is no pressure to complete the entire trip in a given time. If it takes 10 days, then so be it. The whole purpose is to enjoy the essence of Scotland. So, there is loads to digest even before we can put any detail plan together.

Scotland is ideal for campervans. The NC500 beckons harder. Just make sure that your pop top is weatherproof. Perhaps even take tie down ground screws in case of very high winds , especially in Winter, although we would probably try to avoid the worst weather, perhaps outside the midge season? I will post more as planning progresses. If you have done the NC500 or part of it, or have any recommendations or must see places, then please comment. Thank you !




NV200 + NC500 = One hell of a Scottish Trip!

27 Jun

scotland north coast 500 route

milestone cc site
The Scottish North Coast 500 is a 500 mile round coast route with Inverness as the “official” start point.Inverness itself is about 400 miles from our current home. Parts of the route are extremely hilly and the route itself is recommended for “cars, cycles, motorcycles ……..”. Mmmmmmmm , no mention of caravans. So, unless further research proves otherwise, a SOLO Campervan trip would prove least stressful and costly.This route, “officially” promoted as an alternative to Route 66 has captured my imagination. Can we fit it in?
It is possible to Wildcamp as Scotland has it’s own rules about Land Access. You can read more about this here https://www.visitscotland.com/accommodation/caravan-camping/wild-camping/ This would obviously help keep costs down but we would probably make the odd B&B or even hotel stopover when convenient. I shall also be researching campsites where we could fill up with water, top up the leisure battery (if needed) and empty the chemical loo.It’s a bit like refuelling a helicopter and can involve quite thorough thinking ahead.Not knowing very much about individual locations along the route will mean finding out lots of information on points of interest, the best scenery (no shortages there……..) and recommended pubs, cafes and village food shops. Quite a task. Oh goodness ! It’s got me started……………..

There are several websites offering free download for sat nav routes and maps, in addition to written route descriptions. Untried but here is just one http://www.routeyou.com/en-gb/route/products/3681807/car-and-motorcycle-route/north-coast-500-route

Here are some tempting photos. Inverness:

inverness scotland

John O’Groats.


Heavy seas at Wick Marina

Travel - Scotland

Travel – Scotland

Better get a couple of new Macintoshs (Macs to you.) How appropriate for Scotland!

Oh Dear ! Spent a few minutes researching further. There are 4 Caravan Club Sites not far from the NC500 route (I know, I know what I said recently. Told you that I am tolerant)   plus several campsites across the top of the Highlands coast. Applecross and the roads and scenery around Ullapool look simply wonderful. Seafood seems quite widely available . It just gets better and better. I am wondering if we can tie this in and extend our Steam Train trip from Glasgow to Mallaig????? Must EBay some junk..