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A short review of the Elddis Explorer 302 SE in use

29 May

 elddis pikup m1

On the 14th March this year I posted a photo tour of our caravan. I did not really cover a review of it in use. So, here ’tis.First time out with the “Elddy” and the campervan.


We went up to Anglesey. This Beaumaris Castle on the East Coast. It was easy and quick to set up the caravan on the Caravan Club site at Marazion, just north of Benlech. The motor mover made the whole process much less stressful. It was the first time that I had used an external, drop in, fresh water pump and the 40 litres capacity “hog” gave enough water for domestic use and showers for 2 people for easily 24 hours.

elddy shower room

The shower itself was spacious enough and the electric/gas hot water system was superb. Plenty of instant hot water for an efficient and effective wash. There were no toilet/shower facilities on site, so this was essential in my mind. Storage within the shower room was good. Enough space in the mirror fronted cabinet for most essential toiletries and a good sized shelf above the toilet for day to day, “in use” bits and bobs. The toilet paper holder protected the roll from excess water splash from the shower. As always, the shower curtain was a bit clingy in use and I was surprised that there was no drip protection on the bottom, inside of the shower room door. I had fitted one in the previous Freedom Microlite. Not a costly item, but it stopped any runs from getting outside the shower room.

elddy lounge

Making up the bed, should have been an easy job on paper. In reality, it was a bit of a pain. The base cuchions were quite heavy and cumbersome in such a confined space and you could not just hold them up and delve underneath for the bedding and cushions like you can in a Freedom Microlite or Sunseeker. Fortunately the wardrobe on the Elddy is huge after the quite functional one on the Freedom with space to take the sleeping bags, pillows and two duvets which we use as mattress toppers on the base cushions. This is what we will do next time out. It makes the whole bed making process much easier. Alternatively, you can use the sofas as two singles with feet together in the corner or, if like us, you have a campervan, you could leave the bed made up and eat “au Van”.

IMG_0923elddy fridge wardrobe

TV., even in poor reception area was really good to the point where I am wondering if we would use the Micro Sat TV dish and system ever again? Test this out before we discard it , however. The fridge was efficient and large enough for the two of us especially when combined with the powerful fridge/freezer in the campervan. Just remember which “room” you sleeping in and keep breakfast materials in the right place. Also, if planning on sandwich picnics in the campervan, ensure that the bread and cheese etc go in the correct fridge. Ahem……

Storage wall cupboards and under worktop cabinets were all useful and we have fitted those under the high worktops with extra slide out wire shelving to keep things tidy. The wall cupboards above the front caravan window are only really suitable for socks and pants. Not deep enough for folded , larger garments.

elddy kitch

elddy heki

The sink and gas hob were excellent and I do not think that they had been used much previously to our ownership. We have not as yet tried the oven. Plenty of light and ventilation is offered by the Heki roof light. The roof vent in the shower room is a bit frail It works OK but I was worried that it may break especially in really cold weather.It relies on interference fit between plastic tabs. Who designs these bits of tat??????

The blown air heating is brilliant. Gas or electrically powered, it runs silently on lower settings  overnight.


Overall then, a Big Hand for the Elddy. Comfortable for lounging¬† and sleeping. Well equipped apart from that ceiling vent but the storage space beneath the sofas a little compromised by the seat cushions. Oh , like with any lightweight caravan, you do need to control and watch your weight……..

heavy load

(Hope your leg gets better soon Martin !)