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A Deja Vu Day out.

29 Oct


With an unusual, misty start to the day, we decided on a day trip to Bygone Times at Eccleston near Chorley. It is an antique emporium. On the way we decided to head for the National Trust property, Rufford Old Hall which is just 15 minutes away in Liverpool postcode zone.

Now, I clearly remember posting just such a trip before and I have been concerned , of late, about repeating myself as we “cycle” through the seasons, year by year. Anyway for the time being, I shall continue with the Blog and try to re-invent and get more creative with our visit reports.Variety is the spice of life as they say.


Rufford Old Hall was the family home of one Lord Hesketh who in 1972 stumped up the cash to start a Formula 3 race team. Later, James Hunt joined the fray and this charismatic chap became houshold name. The Lady in the middle is Suzy Miller or “Hotty” as James called her.

James was a bit of a lad. he smoked, drank and enjoyed the company of young ladies. I think that it was the Daily Mail that printed a story of his involvement with more than 3o British Airways stewardesses. Aided and abetted by one Mr Barry Sheen, allegedly…………… Now that is a lot to think about whilst eating your Lancashire Rarebit.

lancashire-rarebit  Made with local ale and cheese , ’tis a tasty toasty morsel with salad and apple chutney!

ormskirk-lambing-chairIn the entrance hall at Rufford, there is an old chair on sledge type runners. Like this one above, apart from the legs and it had a drawer under the seat to keep new lambs warm and away from the “werewolf” of Ormskirk……… I made that bit up about the werewolf.  BUT, at Bygone Times there was a replica chair  with drawer but on rockers. This was termed a rocking chair with “Bible” drawer. So, make of this, what you will. The rocker was very comfy indeed despite the hard wooden material. The angles of the frame and the ergonomics were very good indeed. Yours for £275……….

bygone-times-eccleston  After a thorough look around we ony bought a couple of candles for the cellar bar and two knitting patterns for gifts for our grandaughter. It was great fun, as ever. On the way home we had a 14 mile stretch of 50 mph limit in roadworks on the M6 so I checked out fuel consumption which has been running at 43mpg overall and got over 60 mpg at an average of 45 mph. Which was nice.

I recently fitted new wiper blades and refilled the Gaslow  cylinder with about 6 litres of LPG from Calor at less than £4.00p. That’s cheap in my book. All ready for cold days out now.