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A Wintery Day’s lunchtime treat.

29 Nov

We drove the campervan the 10 miles to Market Drayton for our weekly shopping trip. We crossed over the weather front at some point, into the much colder, artic blown, conditions heading towards our village.We left the blown air heating on for a toasty welcome, back at the Kampa. It kept the pointsetta comfy for us  too !

We used to have lunch at the Crown some years ago, but moved with the Landlord to his new location around the corner. For several weeks now, we have again returned to The Crown Inn and it’s new Landlord and Landlady for our weekly lunchtime treat. Each week the food provided and the friendly, quick service have remained totally constant and enjoyable in every way.

Two pork roasts with all the trimmings and including a couple of coffees , tea or cappucino, all for less than £10.00p. What more could you ask for? The atmosphere is warm and friendly and your custom feels appreciated.

The Crown Inn apparently survived a significant fire in the 1600s:-

This week has seen a Welsh flavour appear in our lives. We enjoyed dark beers patiently gathered from all corners of Wales for our Thanksgiving in London. A bottle of Welsh, cream liqueur added to the theme and all delivered in a jute bag covered in Welsh slogans, declaring that “Gogledd ddwyrain Cymru, gwych gyda’n gilydd.”  which I think translates as ” North East Wales, Altogether Brilliant.” All this, in honour of our new grandson’s Welsh heritage, which is centred around Wrecsam with links to the redesign and architecture of Erddig Hall, the National Trust property.

The Landlord’s family are proud to be Welsh and advertise the fact behind the well stocked bar. It’s where the warmth comes from ! Highly recommended.

A trip to “Drayton” isn’t complete without seeing our friends at “Allsorts” antiques and curio shop. We always have a laugh together and have found many bargains over the last couple of years.

A simple day out but what better way to spend a couple of hours in winter?