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One year on and counting

21 Nov

It’s about one year since we went up to Drivelodge near Keighley to pick up the Kamper. Touch wood, it has been faultless. It has to be said that David and his team did a great job in screwing it all together. Nothing has worked loose or failed to meet our expectations. So a big thank you to them !
The base vehicle itself has also been trouble free. I knocked off the interior mirror (my stupid fault…) and I put a small dinge in a rear door where the caravan gas box kissed it whilst getting free of a soggy quagmire at Prescott Hill Climb. (Get your “campsite” sorted, you naughty Bugatti Club People. Please… I would like to try again!) Also some person ran a heavy duty shopping trolley into an alloy wheel, causing some marks. So overall , not at all bad. Congratulations to our Spanish cousins who made the base vehicle NV200 in the huge factory in sunny Barcelona. The doors slide true and close correctly and with full servicing, everything is tickety boo.
I have got through a set of tyres pretty quickly for such a slow driving old codger, but then they were not premium brand. I think the next set will be from Michelin, Goodyear or Avon if I can get the correct size.
Overall a great result. As ever for Dinkum , bigger intentions for the next 12 months. I just do not want to tempt fate……….. A Church school childhood leaves a legacy of superstition. LOL.