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What draws you back to a favourite place?

30 Oct


Campervan cleaned today. First time in weeks. Wiped even the bottom of the doors , door openings and nooks and crannies around the fuel filler and so on. Restored my love of my little beauty and got me thinking, “where next?”

My wife and I often speak about “being drawn” back to our favourite places. We don’t always know why and we do not really need to know the reasoning.

(Sorry about the famous photographed finger above. David Bailey?????  I think not!)


Just for starters, that’s an award winning pic of Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall by Richard Laudy from Surrey, please visit    https://www.corncott.com/blog/we-have-a-winner/

Then a staggering view on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The still waters of the moat at Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey.

Obviously, we do take into account the time required and the cost of a visit but what a wonderful dilemma.

One things for certain. It will not be long before we get to use the campervan again. You see, we are “drawn”

The World is such a beautiful place.