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Zero Emission (???) campervans from Nissan Spain.

20 Jun

This web article appeared a short while ago on YouTube. It all looks great but I have to again challenge this Marketing hype about vehicles being ” Zero Emissions”. Total nonsense of course They have to receive battery charge from some source and unless it’s from purely solar, then emssions in generarting the electrical energy will result in emissions. Don’t think Nuclear power is clean either. Firstly consider the HUGE amounts of energy used in creating VAST amounts of concrete cement and then of course what can happen environmentally if things go wrong. For example Chernobyl and Fukishima to name but two incidents. Say that quickly, the consequences of such events are enormous and very, very long lived. Google nuclear half life for evidence. Pure science by the way, not opinion.

   Chernobyl 30 years ago.

   Fukishima Disaster. Mans foolishness again through poor judgement.

Still enjoying Pacific Tuna without any worries ? Was that veg that you ate today grown in a fallout zone created 30 years ago with hundreds of years left ticking away in nuclear half life degradation?


Eco Campers of Grangemouth.

26 Feb

If you are OK with using a pre-used base vehicle and decent ones at that, from the salt free roads of Japan, then Eco-Campers of Grangemouth can not only sell you a HYBRID campervan but also a TRYBRID campervan.

Martin again sent in news of these interesting advanced campervans. Thank you !

Prices commence at around £18,000 but for an option packed version like the one I selected in their on -line specification form you can get up to £42,000 or more.

But for that money, you can get an automatic transmission, 4 WD for those out of the way, all year round locations, 4 berths, blown air heating, LED lighting and lots more. Last but by no means least you will have a powerful 158bhp petrol engine, an LPG autogas conversion and an Electrically driven motor. They claim an equivalent to 80 mpg but with the prices that I know you CAN buy LPG for if you shop around then I think that you could maybe improve on that.

My wife and I are particularly interested in this Trybrid option. We are experienced LPG autogas users and I would not hesitate to purchase that option once more. (How does as low as 52 p/ltr sound?) An extra two berths for our fast growing grandchildren would come in handy as would 24 hour access to the toilet option. (you do forfeit a swivel driver’s cab seat but you still can sit on the cushion on top of the porta potti cupboard.

Speaking personally, we could sell our Nevada NV200 privately along with the little caravan and with a little added cash we are on the way to making a purchase. Still investigating at this stage but it could be a real possibility for us.

see http://www.campers-scotland.com/     and https://www.ecocampers.com/

You get to pick your desired age and mileage of the Toyota Alphard , high spec base vehicle then add in your options and stump up for your dream campervan.We have viewed Aphards before and the ones we saw were luxurious bits of kit, quite high end !

It’s here. Caledonian all electric campervan.

9 Feb

Top two pics show the all new , all electric, Nissan campervan from Caledonian. It should be at the Scottish Show right now. I shall be posting much more about this trail blazing campervan as soon as the info is released.

The third pic is one of my favourite campervans currently, Caledonian’s Caddy . Scroll down to see my post on this. Like a really decent Scotch Whisky, there is no mistaking the flavour of it’s design, textiles and graphics. Scottish through and through and all the better for it !

It’s a pity that the super little Hillman Imp came to a sad, political end. Who knows, we could have been looking at a Scottish made base vehicle too ! Now, how good would that have been ?

Aluminium engined, rear slung, VW fashion. Chunky, chiselled , squared off good looks. Vertical sides and flat floor. Ideal for a campervan conversion. Dreaming? No. Visionary, I think so ! Perhaps something like this AMC 1977 concept?

amc 77 concept


Electric Campervan anyone?

26 Jun



Laurent got in touch via the Father’s Day posting comments section. (see below).Questions about fitting cab swivel seat on an e-NV Evalia. Hillside produce an e-NV based campervan (above) called the DALBURY. Hillside Leisure are a good source in the Midlands. I think that for some people, an elecric campervan could be an option. I have discussed this before on the Blog but welcome comments from any e-NV variant owners now that the vehicle has been available for quite some time
With a range of just over 100 miles claimed, if you are not in a massive hurry, you could meander around the campsites perhaps limiting your travels to around 200 miles per day? allowing for a mid journey charge. I have seen some very busy charging locations on the M1 service stations particularly but not as yet seen an e-NV on charge. There are a couple of e-NVs locally , running around in silence and costing pennies per mile in fuel. No one could convince me that electric vehicles are totally non polluting. The elctricity has to be generated and although some may come from solar or wind or perhaps wave powered sources, most will still have to burn fossil fuels and their effects will be felt through power station emissions.
Has anyone used an e-NV????????? Please send in your reviews. Please…..