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A New Blog on the Horizon

20 Dec


I have always been interested in old fashioned, horse drawn, Gypsy caravans. Particularly the very attractive, Bow Top versions. As soon as the current busy season allows, I will be launching a new “Dinkum Blog”, additional to the current NV200 Blog, you are reading now.

bowtop-appleby        Above are scenes from 1936 and 1939 of the Appleby Fair. The ceramic model also features “Arrival at Appleby”. It was auctioned at the Borders Auction House some time ago.

You can still buy modern versions of Bow Tops which can be towed by a car. There are several manufacturers, with their own individual versions and features.

gregs-bowtopint    This interior is just one version from “Gregs”.

see  http://www.gregsgypsybowtops.co.uk/

Having no experience of horses and not wishing to tow a modern version, I have decided to put together a Garden based, stationary copy of a Bow Top. It’s purpose to provide a “George Clarke” type amazing space. (see channel 4 TV).

The interior will have some similarities with that shown above, but that is as far as it goes. Over the past couple of years (how time flies!) I have been hoarding away all sorts of bits and bobs spotted in Antique shops and reclamation yards for my special “shed”. Arrival of my grandaughter added some incentive. Tea and scones with Grandpa anyone? Watch for more news and the Blog Address. Coming Soon.

(Martin McDowall, can read my mind, I am sure! He again anticipated what is going on and provided the final push to get started. He is an inspiration in tartan!)