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Customised nv200. What have you done to your van?

20 May

foxhey com nv200custom car elemental motorsportsDCFC0011.JPG

NYC Photo thanks to Custom Car and Elemental Motorsports. It shows a heavily modded New York Taxi. I believe that they are 2 litre Petrol engined, by the way.

Whose stunning bodykitted, White nv200 is this, above from http://www.foxhey.com Is it yours? Please give details of the work done. I really like this one. COOL……………….

Ok, Dinkum Kamper above is only very mildly “tweaked” on it’s way to becoming a camper van, BUT we would like to see what you have done to your van and would like to publish your photos on this Blog. There are loads of Vee Dubs modded, painted and chopped. What about the En Vees out there?
You can send your pics for consideration for publishing on here by emailing to dinkumkamper@gmail.com

Thanks, don’t be shy……….