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Advantages of camper van travel

29 Sep


The Highlands 500 waits for a while.It’s a pre -booked train journey.

In 1998 (told you I am old !) , I took a middle age  crisis , motorcycle  trip to the Bol D’Or motorcycle race at Paul Ricard  circuit in the south east of  France. You can shortly read about this in one of my Amazon books. Ever been hunted by French Hells Angels ‘cos a nutter thinks you got off with his missus??????

We took the bikes by auto train from  Bercy in Paris to Avignon and onwards to the 24 hours race. I spent the night on the sleeper train with female students, but it may not be the way you think. Luggage WAS  a problem. You have to carry a tent plus clobber! Plus sleeping bag plus clothes, toiletries , ……… whatever .

My mate and I needed quite a lot of kit . We had to transport it on the bikes but also carry it on the train. Helmets, gloves, elbow and knees pads. Back protector. etc etc etc.  The bikes went on one train and we travelled on another. Gallic logic. I do recall a hot dog which had a “Navel!” . At Bercy.

The biggest issue , apart from worn tyres and 70 mph rear wheel slides on my 750 cc Yamaha death trap ! was how to carry all our needs in saddle bags and a huge 100 litre kit bag each. My mate, bought an identical bag as mine from the same stall at the local market . Same colour! What are the chances of that………… ?

Shortly, we are off to Scotland. No camper van. No virtually unlimited luggage. You want it? Carry it on your back!


It is an issue. With NV200 with us, it’s soooooooo easy. Load it on board and you got it. Without our “life support system” it becomes more difficult. Do you really need the big binoculars?. TWO jumpers? How many shirts for just 2 weeks?  It does make you realise how useful that camper van really is.Can we do without it? A visit to the Ballet in Glasgow and walking in the rain. Tweed jacket or nylon pak? One book or two? Magazine(s) ?

We had to buy another 80 litre bag for clothes. A tablet , not the laptop. Can I cope with 2 days per shirt. (I can but  my wife…………. ?) A can of Cool Water or Chanel  weighs less! What a pain in the …………..

A two week tour starting in  Glasgow. Steam trains to  Fort William, Mallaig and a spell on Skye. Having a great time! Talisker malts and Blends. Salmon, kippers and organic porridge. Walking in the mist. Getting to know ” baby” grandaughter again.  Heaven on earth! But would it be better with campervan with us? I think so.


 When you do leave the camper van style of travel behind, you realise just how convenient life can be with a Drivelodge conversion. It can still be great fun, But some how not quite so comfortable…….Back soon !