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More on the Petrol, Automatic, NV200 Campervan and the latest Euro VI spec Diesel Vivaro

20 Jun

If you don’t want the hassle of self-build and need a well documented, reliable, easy to live with daily drive , the Nissan NV200  has got to be one of the better solutions. Petrol won’t upset your Green neighbours in London (and right to be concerned , I may add) and the luxury of right foot only , Automatic transmission in the City?  Ace !

Is Diesel Dead? I don’t think so. For we rural dwellers with much, much lower density traffic, diesel , under the laws of thermodynamics, offers maximum utilisation of valuable fossil fuels. For the very latest Diesel campervan, the Vivaro is a slightly larger option to rival the traditionally favoured VW Transporters. See how clean the Euro VI spec engines are below. Thanks to Daniel from Sussex Campervans:

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