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Caledonian Campers, Clydebank. VW Caddy

11 Dec

I just love this VW Caddy conversion from Caledonian Campervans of Clydebank, Glasgow. Sent in by, (you guessed it ! Martin) , it screams Scotland to me, with that rampant Lion and dark , classy, tartan trim. When I think of Glasgow, I think of talented Marine Engineers, a strong work ethic and gritty determination. The strong, dark richness of this lovely campervan emphasises all that for me.

There’s quite a bit of LED style which adds to the atmosphere. The familiarity in many ways with our own “Nevada” eases the way when thinking of a replacement campervan ( dare I even think it????).

Caledonian Campers and Conversions are at 582 Glasgow Road, Clydebank G81 and they have a website well worth a look.    see    http://caledonianconversions.co.uk/

(This post is in memory of Murdoch)

murdymurdy tractor

(Daz, this is how Pascal should have received his farewell) What a magnificent send off.



The First (?) High Top Nissan NV200 and it’s from Scotland!

23 Nov


Martin has once again sent in some breaking news! East Neuk Campervans have come up with new models including a High Top NV200. It’s called the CUB. Apologies for the small images above and below, it’s so new, that’s all I can provide. Layout is similar to our own Nevada and VW owners would find it pretty familiar.


The big advantage of a High Top is in bad weather. Even the best pop top can be susceptible to prolonged rain and wind. Noise from flapping canvas can be an issue too in blustery conditions. I believe that East Neuk Campervans have produced the very first High Top NV200, unless you know differently? I have seen their models many times and they do seem to understand smaller packages, SWB , convenient to use campervans. Their larger motorhomes are well worth a look too if you are in the market for a motorhome.


There is a pop top version of the CUB and the website appears to show that version but interiors will be very similar, it seems. Perhaps with the High Top you could work in some extra higher level storage solutions? I have seen eye level cupboards on an NV200 conversion we viewed prior to buying our own. That was a fixed roof version and was more than acceptable but at the time we could buy a brand new base vehicle and get it converted to a higher standard for a little more money.


The specification is pretty good and options are available to enhance things further. It comes in just below £30k but that does seem to be the going rate for a ready converted NV200 campervan. I would definitely be looking at East Neuk versions if I was in the market for a compact , all weather, all year round campervan.

you can see more at  http://www.eastneukcampervans.co.uk/nissancub_gallery.php


The only word of caution would be how it behaves in side winds on the motorway. Our Pop top is a little nervous in these conditions and that higher profile will not make it better. But, with a relatively narrow , high stance it’s not unexpected and if you drive accordingly it should not be a huge issue. Well Done ! East Neuk!

east-neuk-campervans   Oh dear ! Before updating this post I had been spelling Neuk incorrectly and it’s only 4 letters to get into the correct order………… stupid boy Pike !!!!!! Apologies to the people of Fife.