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Another trip to Bygone Times

22 Jan


This is the Leeds-Liverpool canal near Chorley. It’s not far from Bygone Times at The Green, Eccleston in Lancashire.


It’s a very large building. It used to be a mill, making Rayon at one point. I encountered an elderly chap coming towards me in one of the narrower walkways (no, he was not one of the famous Ghosts). We had a laugh about the loudspeaker announcement that “Thursday is Pensioner’s special offer day in the Cafe.” I mentioned Amanda Holden but he was more of a Joan Collins fan………….

He then looked me in the eye and made an announcement himself . ” I have never seen so much ……….. in one place before” he whispered, before sliding past me , swinging his walking sticks.

Admittedly, there is quite a stock of some rather mundane “car boot” type stuff on sale but that depends on your tastes. There is also considerable material to keep you browsing for hours. Like these evocative Lancashire clogs for example.


As a wet behind the ears newcomer,  I used to work with a bloke who had many interesting and often very  politically incorrect , terms of phrase. His openly spouted nicknames for the staff working with him were literally appalling ! Bigger than normal ears?:-   “Wingnut”.    A man named Eric:-  ” Irke” as in Irkesome, meaning irritating or grating. How to make friends and influence people!!!!  Believe me, he had much worse. Unprintable here!

He would set  me some ridiculous inane task and send me off on some wild mission, with a shouted “Rattle your clogs !” or  “get your clogs sparking !”

The soles of these clogs were nailed on and these made distinctive noise as you walked. You could probably actually make them spark on flinty stone surfaces? I never wore these by the way. It’s just that they reminded me of those comments ringing in my wingnuts.