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An all electric concept eNV200 Office from Nissan and questions on Whisky answered.

27 Oct


Joining the all electric camper van , see above, Nissan have introduced the concept Workspace  mobile office on the eNV200 .

“Andy” sent in the link    http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2016/10/nissans-pimped-up-all-electric-office-van-has-everything-but-a-toilet/

With wi-fi, computer and office facilities, I suppose that iy would suit a journalist or anyone conducting business in various locations. Auctioneers, promotional sales and a myriad of others. Certainly eye catching and novel.

People are coming out with new concepts and brands all the time. For example, David Beckham has his own Whiskey. Martin , frequent Scottish correspondent, gave me some superb answers to questions about  Scotch Whisky, prompted by our recent trip.


I sat, sipping a wee dram of Talisker single malt and being very tight with money (LOL) I began thinking about the then, much cheaper Whisky’s that my late father loved. His favourite was a budget brand, Claymore. I once bought a locally recommended bottle of Cameron Brig, in Fife whilst staying at the Crusoe Hotel. It was from the local corner shop and was then around only a tenner. About £20 odd now. A light, Fife “brew”. A single Grain , highish volume product. It was similar to Claymore and went down well, vanishing quickly at one of dad’s notorious and celebrated BBQs! So, I contacted Martin, asking whether there was any protocol over single Grain whisky and/or budget brands. Having once embarrassed myself by admitting I liked FRIED  rounds of Haggis!  Here is his response (lightly edited for posting)

“George Rainbird, world famous wine critic was asked what is the nicest wine in the world at a top notch wine event….he said…. the one that you enjoy drinkin, causin great embarrassment to the good and the great.

When you consider people like David Beckham have now brought out their own brand whiskey. Whatever it is labelled , what you like is the best…. Libby’s uncle, a posh 85 year old man lives in the flats at the Golf course in Scotland, next to us drinks Irish Jamiesons and says sometimes people look at him at the Clubhouse. Drinkin that…..!!!! He says, “ Martin, its the Lords water and Grain combined, that makes a dram fit for a King ? or a pauper….. beauty is in your own pallet…. sip, ingest, quaff and breath in the Earth’s bounty!!!!”

I’m a Chardonnay man myself and not about to apologise…. sometimes I wonder where I would be had I not met it….. it ALL came from the soil…… some like peat, some like Heather, some like ???….. god bless us all Duncan…… ?”

I loved this answer!  Here’s a tribute to a Chardonnay drinking Scot:


Perhaps an eNV200 Workspace would be too extravagant just for Blog writing?   CHEERS !