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It’s time to change the cambelt

9 Jan

Having been a little disappointed lately with my usual maintenance Garage Chain. They would not, could not, quote for a cambelt change. Plus my favourite mechanic there has left. I got a recommendation from a close, respected friend and he pointed me towards a local, family run garage. The premises were pristine. They specialised, in part, in Mazda MX5 work but also had a thriving MOT station. They were the only garage I visited, out of three others, which mentioned the importance of changing the water pump at the same time as the timing belt and pulley(s) etc., which I was waiting to hear. Their all inclusive quote was equal to the other less impressive garages, so it’s booked in for later this week.

In the past, I would have done this work myself but with other , more pleasant things to keep me busy in this cold spell, I decided to pay up and enjoy my day elsewhere. Indeed, in the past, I replaced the timing chains, hydraulic tensioners and guides on a Porsche 911e 2.4 boxer engine, as part of a total engine rebuild I carried out.The tensioners on the old aircooled engine were known for failure and it was false economy not to do a proper job (to use Cornish parlance!). So, don’t cut corners on this important work on the NV200.

So far as I can judge, the recommendation is to change the timing belt every 5 years or 75,000 miles. So, at 56,000 miles but with 5 years looming, I felt uncomfortable NOT getting it done. I had also been advised at my last major service to get it done as soon as convenient.

I am hoping to feel much more relaxed once it’s done and will report back again with costs etc later. I am probably in for longer term ownership of Dinkum’s Kampa and so it makes sense to keep it maintained to as high a standard as I can. Let us see how we go on. I don’t fancy doing the NC500 or heading for France with a question mark over the timing belt.