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Fresh Aire at Loch Katrine, Scotland

13 Jan

Loch Katrine is in the  Trossachs National Park. It has just opened an Aire de Service for motor caravans.

see https://www.lochkatrine.com/accommodation/motorhome-hire/

it’s all you need to know.

Martin has sent in this breaking news and it could not be more topical for 2018. Thanks Chumbley ! In advance of our publishing our travel plans, it could well be THE place for us to camp in 2018. Twelve places are available and you need to book in advance. I predict demand will be huge, so book early. This is not easy for insecure, “flexible” nutters such as ourselves. With highly changeable family events, it is difficult to commit to firm dates within our planning. We are able though to move at very short notice. It’s a target. I still have to share a Chardonnay with Martin and Libby and a BBQ alongside their beloved nearby Loch Lomond. It’s a must ! Can we fit it in with the NC500 ? Watch this space.

We have again been out and about, visiting Audlem, Nantwich and Dagfields Antiques. Confidence in the timing belt change ( at 57,000 miles (5 years) ) is now back to ” I don’t even think about it” level.  Bizarrely and difficult to explain, I can definitely detect less diesel rattle from cold and the engine does seem “softer” and smoother on the road? I don’t think that this is wishful thinking. I have checked the old belt, the tensioner and the water pump and apart from a little resistance when turning the pump by hand (?) it all seems almost as new. Perhaps a minute change in valve timing ? Whatever it is, it is very pleasing and I am delighted with the work carried out by C&S Haynes Ltd., Silverdale. We could have risked pushing the envelope to 75,000 miles but what the hell. Too risky for a nervous type like me ! Bring on the Spring ! Let’s go !