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Misdiagnosis then Success with a repair

23 Aug

Following our recent breakdown close to home. I finally received and fitted the new mass air flow sensor. All the symptoms pointed towards an air flow/ fuel mix problem. This actually turned out correct but it was a different component which failed. The new MAF sensor did nothing to rectify the poor running, hunting and loss of power.

My Trusty “Pro Scan” OBD reader showed no errors and only an issue with the exhaust emissions.

I had superb advice as always from my longstanding good friend¬† Miffy. Now ex pat from the UAE and living in Spain for a while, he is busy shipping all sorts of automobile exotica around the world to pare down his fleet. Your Maserati or one of the Jags for me , Jon , please. Or the Stag , or the Maestro Turbo or……….. You get the picture!

After my diagnosis failed, I searched around for the MAP sensor ( it measures the vacuum pre-inlet). This was my second choice of cause. On the photo above it is easy to find. Look centrally just to the right and above the yellow oil filler. In full view, all the time, “Mr Magoo” strikes again. It is inserted into an intercooler to engine pipe/duct.

When I handled the sensor, the duct moved and it became obvious that it had sheared at the mounting to the throttle body ! Big, uncontrolled air flow and putting the MAP out of action !

The Nissan part number was clearly moulded to the duct, so ordered one ready for fitting tomorrow.

I Superglued the duct back together and the adhesive set almost instantly. I sealed the joint with Gorilla tape. Usually cynical about highly advertised products ability, this stuff adhered very well indeed. Cable ties each side of the joint added belt to braces. More cable ties pulled the joint together to add support to the very long duct.

Tested it out and my darling Kampa is “back in the room”. Bloody awful without my super reliable friend. The Kampa, not Miffy. But I miss him and his adorable wife too !!!!

This problem is one to watch for if you have an NV200. The duct/pipe part number 14460 1 FEOC

It is about £120 or so inc VAT from Nissan and appears to have a fatigue life?? (50,000 miles on mine) The duct is quite long and all the weight is carried at the engine end. Rubber mounted at the bottom (intercooler) end.

Although I misdiagnosed the MAF sensor, overall I have probably broke even on a tow it away and dealer repair including the hire car for 6 days. Not too bad…… he said, trying to convince himself……..