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Towing with our NV200

7 Jul

I have not posted for quite some time due to the Covid lockdown. For a long time now we have been using an Elddis Xplore 302 SE caravan to give us extra luxury on site. It has a shower and toilet and comfortable lounging. The biggest advantage of using a campervan and a caravan is the twin benefit of a very comfortable base ( the caravan) and a daytime facility of a campervan either at the beach or forest location and so on , maybe with the bikes on the tow bar carrier. We can put both bikes in the caravan or if fully loaded for a fortnight away, we can split the bikes with one in the campervan laid on top of the covered bed.

The ” L” shaped layout gives two decent sized and comfortable sofas for lounging. The blown air heating is both gas and electric powered from an EHU ., as is the hot water system for the washroom, shower and sink. There is a hob and an oven operated from the gas.

The shower room.

The TV/DVD player hides on the outer wall of the very big wardrobe which is above the fridge freezer.

Now changed for a lighter , more modern version.

The large heki can open to disippate any heat build-up very quickly indeed. All the opening windows and the main door have anti midge netting. The door can be used as a stable door which is useful when cooking on warm days.

The SE version of the 302 has alloy wheels and a spare wheel . We fitted a power mover ( Titanium) to help move the lightweight about on hilly pitches and for our sloping access frontage parking at home.

The mover is fitted behind the wheels due to the inwardly angled front chassis legs. This weight is offset by moving the spare wheel and carrier to the front gas cupboard. The whole fitment gives a slightly increased nose weight for safety. Contrary to what some people think when they first see the position of the power mover.

The 1.5 dci NV200 has a 6 sp gearbox and 110 ps version of the K9K engine. It tows the Elddis with ease and never feels short of power or torque even on the steepest Peak Distric hills locally.

We recently had a new injector fitted on the campervan and a front spring . It is serviced as per all guidelines and we have no plans to swap this superb combo of campervan and caravan. We love the colour matching and matching five spoke alloy wheels. ( not as those shown above.)

This shows the matching alloy wheels.

NV200 Forum now Live on Facebook

13 Oct
Are you a loyal long term follower?

You may remember me writing about setting up a forum for all things NV200. A place where fellow NV200 owners share information , show off their vans, custom modifications and camper van conversions. Well, a friend of mine, Thomas, has set up a forum on FACEBOOK and kindly added me as an Admin. Why not come along, have  a look and have your say? Please we need members for our Facebook Group. All are welcome!

find the Group here

or search for nv200  owners club on Facebook.

What have you done or plan to do with your “Blank Canvas”?


Are you an NV200 owner?

19 Sep
NV200 owners’ club, Facebook.

If you are an NV200 owner or perhaps just interested in these fabulous compact, economical vans why not visit Facebook and peruse the newly formed NV200 Owners’ Group? It’s not just about campervans but covers everything NV200. That’s the current profile picture above.

The e-NV200 and 4 cubic metres extra volume!

3 Sep

My brother, just back from a month in France ( jammy devil !) reported seeing a two tone coloured e-NV200 on the back of a transporter in Paris. A deep cream lower half , including the bumpers and a sexy grey upper colour. I searched for news of this but instead came up with this Hi-Volume, all electric delivery Nissan. Now, what a superb campervan that would make.

It was my brother’s Metallic Grey works van that inspired the Drivelodge Nevada, which has become a lovely motor caravan. As soon as I sat in his van, I knew that it would work as a campervan. He loves them too.


I always find it hard to swallow when I see the claim that electric cars are “zero emission.” This is nonsense !

If the electricity use to charge the vehicle battery is not from solar or wind or wave, then it’s either from fossil fuel being burned at a power station or from nuclear sources which use huge amounts of energy to produce the concrete mountains of the reactor and of course the very long lived half life of the radioactive waste.

“Zero emission “????  Stop lying !

Having said all that, I may be convinced to go for an e-NV200 campervan at some point. With electric uphooks readily available at most campsites and a leisurely travel regime, it could just work. Worried about battery life though and the need to renew that expensive powerpack. How green is it to recycle a vehicle battery??

I like Toyota’s duel fuel , Hybrid electric vehicles. Will this be the gap filler prior to the huge ban planned for 2040?


More about the East Neuk Fifer Cub high top NV200

21 Jul

I could not resist embedding this Video below. A blatant advert for a favourite, practical little motor caravan from East Neuk. Have a look and then view an American alternative in the posting below for comparison.

An American NV200 Campervan from Recon-Campers

21 Jul

With what looks like a choice of interiors, this range of 2.0 litre Petrol , NV200 camper vans from US based Recon-Campers have some interesting features.


Solar chargers cope with long periods of remote camping whilst winter conditions allow the use of snow chains. Not often seen in the UK  (but sold at Aldi, periodically) , snow chains are compulsory in some EU countries under certain conditions. I presume that the photo within the review indicates the year round capability.

If I recall correctly the 2.0 litre petrol versions achieve only 26 mpg (US gallon) highway which is heralded as very good over the pond but which I think is quite poor. There must be some reason why the use of the Renault 1.5DCI turbo diesel offering around 53 mpg (UK gallon) was not used. The 110ps on offer with the 1.5 litre engine is well up the job.

What super , compact campervans from Recon ! No way that the current exchange rate allows for an economical import though.

More on the Petrol, Automatic, NV200 Campervan and the latest Euro VI spec Diesel Vivaro

20 Jun

If you don’t want the hassle of self-build and need a well documented, reliable, easy to live with daily drive , the Nissan NV200  has got to be one of the better solutions. Petrol won’t upset your Green neighbours in London (and right to be concerned , I may add) and the luxury of right foot only , Automatic transmission in the City?  Ace !

Is Diesel Dead? I don’t think so. For we rural dwellers with much, much lower density traffic, diesel , under the laws of thermodynamics, offers maximum utilisation of valuable fossil fuels. For the very latest Diesel campervan, the Vivaro is a slightly larger option to rival the traditionally favoured VW Transporters. See how clean the Euro VI spec engines are below. Thanks to Daniel from Sussex Campervans:

Click on related topics below to read more. I make no apologies for pushing these important issues. The future of clean, low impact camping is at stake.

A well thought through , self built NV200 from Liam

19 Jun

Just look what “Sweeper Liam” has done , converting this above into a super compact campervan. Embedded from YouTube

It’s a very novel, innovative conversion and Liam has listed some very useful suppliers. A great job, well done!

NV200 based coachbuilt from A to Z

3 Jun

Found some more information about the 2016 concept LE Type 1 Alpha shown at the Japan Camping Car Show.

Thanks again to Martin for finding this Gem.

A compact, proper little Motorhome based on a very reliable NV200.

There appears to be a few different interior layout options. I particularly favour the dinette which features swivel cab seat (s).

In the video below , you can make out a rear corner shower room. It takes a porta potti as shown here.

£32,000 equiv in Japan !  There is another version on video below.

It looks like a very usable package . I would love to do a walk round of the real item.

This is the East Neuk Cub for comparison. Please see the video of the A to Z “Alpha” below.

A Japanese coachbuilt NV200 Motorhome.

2 Jun

Martin is still pulling goodies from the barrel ! Look at this Gem. It is the most serious alternative to our current camper perhaps pipping the East Neuk Cub at the finishing Line.

If there is a Petrol version to ward off any future Lib-Dem anti-diesel impositions, then it’s heaven on earth!

   Now don’t be shy…… Come and have some major surgery done. LOL

Thanks, yet again Martin. What a star !

COMMENT from Almarich.     Although he liked this Motorhome and thought it suitable for  German and Scandinavian users, he spotted something that I had missed. There is no cooking hob or grill fitted. There does appear to be space for a combi, washbasin/hob where the current washbasin is fitted however.

Well spotted Almarich and thanks for contacting the Blog.