We head back towards the Channel Coast via Le Mans

5 Jun

We allowed all day to cover the distance between Lac de Maine, Angers and Ouistreham, Caen Ferry Port. The Brittany Ferries website clearly stated that we could stay overnight at the Port once the last ferry of the day had departed. To save time in the morning and to avoid too early a start we planned to do just that. Sleep at the Ferry Port. More about this in tomorrow’s post, don’t miss that one !

We arrived at the Musuem of the 24 Hours of Le Mans just in time for lunch in the Kampa and Motorhome on the museum car park. We could hear, what sounded like F1 cars practicing very nearby on the circuit, just the other side of the Dunlop Stand by the museum. Were they shaking down before the forthcoming Monaco Grand Prix I wonder?

As we lunched on French bread, cheese and sliced saucisson with fresh tomatoes and mustard (of course) a group of classic Minis appeared. Some were from Denmark and others from Portugal. The Danish chap spoke perfect English and we compared notes on previous Minis owned and abused by we fellow fanatics. They were impressed with my last Mini . A Clubman with  1410cc Cooper “S” engine, nitrided crank, twin 1 1/2 inch SUs, full LCB., straight through rally exhaust, Hi Lo suspension and adjustable Spax. We talked stage rallying and road rallying for classic Minis. Lost in France. Hell yes ! Lost in a nostalgic trip back in time ! This set the mood for the museum tour, which was marvellous.

We mooched through the exhibits, deep in awe of the tasty vehicles on display. The shear history of the circuit engulfed us and there was no shortage of topics to discuss.

  I especially liked this Maserati Engined Citroen SM.

    This promo van for the French automotive lighting company, Marchal, got me rabbiting on about my Rally Mini lighting system. Two Cibie Bi-Oscars , plumbed in via a caravan connecting socket with pre-set fixings for instant adjustment when fitted between stages. All relayed in. Then two Cibie headlight units with H4 bulbs which were leading edge then. Dip and main beam relayed together to all stay lit on main beam. Powered by a monster, for it’s time 95 amp hr alternator. Super diameter wiring. Turned night into day on that Mini. Also got me disqualified in my first quiet zone , first time out on a 12 car road rally. LOL.

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