Chateau de Serrant

31 May

Another bakingly hot day saw us this time at the Chateau de Serrant. We parked close to an old , outer stable which was full of nesting birds, possibly house martins. They were expertly flying through the narrow gaps in the wall, back and forth, feeding chicks by the sound of it. This was were the four of us had our picnic with the pop top up and plenty of ventilation.

Massive carp were swimming in the moat and lizards were zipping about on the hot stone of the walls.

You need to click on the photo to zoom in and see the little lizard. They were very nervous.

  This photo shows the owners (?) of the Chateau walking their delightful and friendly, short legged , Jack Russel terrier along the shaded promenade in the extensive grounds. We had a lovely visit, including the well preserved interior.

Eventually we returned to Lac de Maine for another evening’s BBQ and a lap of the Lake on our bikes.

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