Interrupting the French trip report. A 40s Revival at Tutbury Castle Yesterday

29 May

Yesterday my wife and I drove over in our Kampa to Tutbury Castle, just off the A50 near Derby. There was a Bank Holiday weekend event which we wanted to experience. A 1940s revival with a Military edge to it. We were not disappointed. We met some delightful people including this smartly turned out MP with his Lady on his arm !

This group also kept up the authentic appearance. With music from the era in the background, we could have been transported way back in time. 

After this gent had kindly demonstrated his firearms collection and we had  discussed hand grenades ( don’t ask….) I made him blush by requesting a photo with my wife. I said that she had a “thing for men in uniform” , which is not actually true but he took the fun in good spirit!

This chap was particularly convincing and expensively kitted out. He had a genuine presence and like the other participants readily agreed to be photographed.

Although I had not dressed appropriately , the chap above stood his ground even when I flourished an Enfield rifle, modified for Burma Jungle use. He changed his tune once he had heard my views on Brexit…………………….. (Only joking! if you are inclined to being a snowflake!no offence intended)

A cream tea in the heat of a well decorated Pavillion, which had chandeliers and voile roof lining kept my wife smiling.The W.I. Style service was especially pleasant. Don’t be mislead by that smile though:-

  Despite her heels, she had leapt a fence into a neighbouring field of crops , run down that Leopard she is seen holding here, dispatching it before I could stop her. She is, after all a prolific hunter /provider. LOL

(All made up , of course. It’s a child’s bag bought from one of the stalls.) Next event is probably the August revival at Lytham St Annes. We will almost certainly be taking the Kampa/caravan combo for a long weekend, hopefully with friends who should be living there by then.

        As we made our way back to the Kampa, a Piper stirred the spirits from the ancient walls of the ruined castle. Marvellous.

More about the recent French trip tomorrow or later today.

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